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At WillyGoat, we believe the playground is one of the most important starting points for childhood development. Whether it serves to improve social skills, cognition, health, or much more, the large playsystem must couple all of these things with safety, reliability, and inclusivity. Whether you are business owner, school principal, or any other interested party, we provide an array of commercial playground equipment for all ages and capabilities, and with an emphasis on providing the most fun possible!

The Importance of the Playground

There are many important points of childhood development that are nurtured by the playground:

  • Social Skills: An outdoor play system provides a place for children to congregate and share in the fun together.
  • Cognitive Skills and Critical Thinking: play systems present many unique ways to sharpen mental capabilities, where children have the chance to climb, draw, play tic tac toe, and much more!
  • Exercise: of course, play systems are a place of physical activity. WillyGoat has such a wide selection, you can get exactly what you need with the elements you want -- climbing, swinging, crawling, and more.


Playgrounds for all Ages


Commercial Swing Sets & Slides

Willygoat carries a wide variety of commercial grade swing sets for any size playground

We also carry a variety of tube slides, scoop slides, straight slides, merry go rounds, see-saws, teeter-totters and much more.


Our Playsystems:

Our years of experiencing in commercial playground equipment have taught us that if you’re looking for a playsystem, you want to prioritize:

Above all else, you want to be sure that your children are having fun in a safe place and meet all regulatory standards.

Above all other concerns is safety. Regardless of the features, price, or other points, you want to be sure the playground is a safe place for all to have a good time. We offer playgrounds for younger and older children, and we make sure we provide the proper safety information (use zone, fall height, etc). Each product provides a dedicated specification and feature section so that you can understand the safety features of each unique playset.

With any large capital projects, you want to make sure the product will last.

Equally as important as purchasing a new playsystem is making sure that it lasts. On our playsystems product pages, you will find links to the specific manufacturers warranties, as well as the high quality materials that our play systems are created with. WillyGoat does not warrant any of the products it sells. All warranties are provided by the manufacturer. Warranty claims are subject to, and must be made pursuant to, the terms, conditions, limitations and procedures specified by the manufacturer. Unless otherwise specified in the manufacturer's warranty, product warranty time periods commence when the product is shipped by WillyGoat.

How will the products arrive? Who will receive and take inventory?

WillyGoat is happy to quote Installation for your project and provide a licensed and insured contractor to take care of your installation. Be sure to specify you would like to add installation to any quote. Regarding permits, We may be able to provide some information to help facilitate the permitting process, but all required permitting is at the cost and labor of the customer. Again, the FAQ page can help explain this in depth under the commercial playground info section. Also, our terms of service are a great resource for installation related information.

Is your play area ready for installation (flat and grassy)? Do you have a dumpster available for residual packaging? Do you have the proper insurance?

On each product page, the time required for shipping is specified. While we cannot guarantee these lead times, they are the best estimate we have, and are usually in line with delivery. All commercial play systems generally require a forklift for unloading, which is typical across the industry. There are some instances where the crates and pallets can be pulled apart by hand and unloaded as well, but a forklift is generally the quickest way to unload the product and is what trucking companies recommend to avoid possible detention charges. For those seeking more in depth information on our shipping procedures, be sure to check out our FAQ page and scroll down to the shipping section.

Be sure you get the appropriate playsystem given ages, capabilities, preferences and more!

When it comes down to important decisions regarding playsystem design, there are almost too many to count. We’ve attempted to boil it down to some of the most important ones, and how WillyGoat provides a solution.

  • Age Range: WillyGoat provides playgrounds for many different ages, simply filter when searching through our large playsystems.
  • ADA Compliance: Many of our playstems are ADA compliant, reflecting our belief in the importance of inclusivity. You can browse this selection here.
  • Size: Viewing specific sizes of playsystems is as easy as filtering by maximum dimension on the left of the product page. This way, you can be sure your playstem fits in the allotted area.
  • Customization: At WillyGoat, we strive to provide the perfect playset for your unique needs. That’s why many of our playsets can be customized by color, and we carry a wide selection of accessories to make your playground perfect.
  • Price: Our playsystems come in all different shapes, sizes, and price points. Filter by price, or request a quote today to get started.
If the above points are met, you’re definitely going to want the playsystem to fit in your designated space with the appropriate angle for the sun.

Be sure to take into consideration the total "Safety Zone" when it comes to configuring your playground.  That gives plenty of room for children to safely run around the play system and avoid possible collisions. You may also want to add a swing set, spring riders, or other items to your overall playground, but we recommend thinking through your entire play area by first considering the most important piece.  Your play system will be the focal point of your playground and can support a large capacity of children.

How can you make sure you find the right playsystem for the right price?

We understand that the sky is not always the limit.  We understand you could be constrained by a budget.  We are proud of the systems we sell and the prices at which we sell them.  At WillyGoat, we know you'll be able to find a play system for your organization that meets your needs at a competitive price. You can always filter on the left side of our page by price ranges to make sure you're getting the right system within your range.


Many of our play systems can be installed by custodial or maintenance staff -- that is something we see quite often, and you can save on installation costs by doing it yourself.  At WillyGoat, we can provide extensive coverage of the US for installation services.  When you request a quote, just mark that you'd like installation prices provided and we will be in touch.

Regardless of your needs, WillyGoat has a huge variety of playgrounds that are guaranteed to prove long-lasting, safe, and fun. Browse our selection of large playsystems today, or request a quote to get started on the playsystem of you and your children's dreams.