Installation Information
  • The water slides must be installed on a concrete deck around the pool.The minimum water depth is 3'6" with a recommended depth at the slide exit point of 4 feet.
  • The customer is responsible for running water to the slide. The water line should be capped with a standard hose bib. We will run the water from the hose bib to the slide flumes. Each flume needs its own hose.
  • We will supply a heavy duty water hose for the connection to the hose bib to the slide flume. The hose runs up the framework and is help in place with zip ties. A small hole is drilled in the side of the top elbow of the slide flume and a brass 90 degree fitting (supplied by us) is inserted into the hole and locked down. The hose is connected to the fitting using the provided hose clamp.
  • Silicone needs to be applied to the bottom half of each plastic connection joint of each slide flume at the time of installation and again at approximate 2-year intervals. One tube of silicone is supplied.

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