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Obstacle Courses & Climbing Equipment at WillyGoat.com

Where fun and exercise meet

We strive to provide every child with the playtime experiences of a lifetime. There’s no reason why having fun and exercise shouldn’t go hand-in-hand. That’s why we offer a wide selection of obstacle course playgrounds that are as much a session of Physical Education as they are the unique play and social experience all children love.

A Call to All the Ninja Warriors

Our obstacle course playgrounds vary in size, difficulty, theme, and more. One second children will swing from one monkey bar to the next and the next second they’ll brave the balancing act of a pebble path. Children will hardly notice they’re breaking a sweat as they hop, skip, climb, and slide across these multifaceted playgrounds.  With fewer stopping points and stations, kids keep moving on to bigger challenges.

The Importance of Mixing Exercise and Fun

Exercise is a critical point in a child’s development. Equally critical is the chance to experience the social awareness and unadulterated joy that goes along with exploring a play system. Coupled together, these two things underscore the rise in the popularity of obstacle course playgrounds. Here some of the direct benefits to your youngsters:

  • Physical Health: Exercise strengthens the heart, lungs, and bones, reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes, regulates blood pressure, and controls weight, according to Healthy-Height.com.
  • Mental Health: Exercise has been shown to improve mood, lessen stress, and support self-confidence.
  • Social Health: Children are able to experience the same social interaction as they would on a playset, building a foundation for the future.

All of this and more, while generally at a lower price point than most traditional play systems with more decks and transfer stations.  These are just a few of the many reasons why our obstacle course playgrounds are grounded in the ideas of promoting health. We encourage you to explore this topic in-depth as well.


Our Obstacle Course Playgrounds

To give a peek into some of the events you can expect to find on our obstacle courses, we will list a few below:

  • Climbing Elements: Most all of our obstacle courses feature multiple climbing elements, like rock walls, net climbers, crab climbers, and much more. If your children are looking to climb, look no further than the Columbia Hills, which features four rock walls alone!
  • Swinging Elements: A common feature of all obstacle course playgrounds are swinging elements. Our courses have monkey bars, overhead rung ladders, snake ladders, and other fun additions. There’s no better course for swinging than the San Mateo, with six unique hanging elements.
  • Balance Elements: No obstacle course would be complete without a challenging balance area. Our courses sport pebble bridges, spinners, and more. The long Pebble Path of the Cedar Slope is the perfect place to begin honing balance.
  • Slides: We understand that children love to slide, and while this crucial feature may be lost on many obstacle course playgrounds, we carry a selection of courses with slides. Take for example the Gold Coast, which includes a slide in addition to multiple climbers, swinging elements, bridges, and much more.
  • ADA Compliance: Our mission to extend a fun healthy experience stresses the need for inclusivity, which is why we carry a range of ADA compliant fitness courses so everyone can share in the fun. The Timms Hill for example offers 7 non-elevated events. In fact, most of our courses are ADA compliant.
  • Customization: All of our Obstacle Course Playgrounds allow you to choose your own color so as to build the playset of your dream.

Warranty and Shipping

For each of our obstacle courses, you can find the warranty listed under the warranty and shipping tab on the product page. For example, there is a 10-year limited warranty on aluminum and steel upright posts against structural failure due to deterioration, corrosion, or workmanship, as well as a 15-year limited warranty on rails, rungs, rigid climbers, loops and decks against structural failure due to deterioration, corrosion, or workmanship. For the full warranty, be sure to view the warranty document on the product page. For more information regarding WillyGoat’s warranty policy, be sure to check out the Terms of Service.

Our obstacle courses usually have a lead time of 4-6 weeks, though delivery within that time frame cannot be guaranteed. All large freight items including these obstacle courses will be shipped via a freight company. Be sure to consult our Shipping Policy and/or FAQ page for questions regarding shipping obstacle course playgrounds.

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With all these incredible features and much much more, it’s no wonder your children won’t even notice all the exercise they are getting, the perfect recipe for making sure they equate exercise and fun in the future. Browse the selection of Obstacle Course Playgrounds today, or request a quote and get started on building your outdoor play space!

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