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WillyGoat serves as a premier provider of Shade Structures and canopies of all different shapes and sizes to meet your unique needs.

When it comes to creating a cool area for your outdoor space, WillyGoat offers a wide variety of shade structures and shade canopies for playgrounds, schools, sports, pools and parking canopies, all with guaranteed quality and innovation. With our shade structures, you’ll be investing not only in your comfort -- our shades can cool up to 20 degrees -- but also the appeal and longevity of your outdoor space.


We believe in providing only the highest quality of products for our customers. Our shades come equipped with Shadesure high-density polyethylene shade cloth which will provide hail protection, approximately 80% shade and 90% UV protection, and approximately 60% ~ 70% water run-off. Many of our shades are customizable at no additional cost, allowing you to specify needed size, colors, and more. Browse our wide selection of steel post colors and shade colors that can provide up to 97% shade protection!

Fabric Colors
WillyGoat Shade Fabric Colors
Post Colors
WillyGoat Shade Post Colors


At WillyGoat, our adherence to the customer experience doesn’t end after the purchase. We have built a network of installation professionals all around the nation to ensure shade products are built to your satisfaction. Simply request a quote and we will do our best to meet your needs.


Our shades carry a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of installation against failure from significant fading, deterioration, breakdown, mildew, outdoor heat, cold, or discoloration; this excludes Red and Coolbrella fabrics, which carry a 3-year limited warranty. Our HDPE Fabrics are made to last with a life expectancy of up to 12 years with little maintenance required!

Our Shade Structures:

Custom Shades from

Interested in learning more, or taking the next step towards creating your new shaded area? Feel to contact WillyGoat with any questions, check out our FAQ page for information about our structures, or request a quote for your new shade structure!