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Top 10 Playgrounds for Kids

The playground is so much more than kids playing outside. The right playground equipment or play system encourages healthy activity, teamwork, & fun!

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At WillyGoat, we believe the playground is one of the most important starting points for childhood development. Whether it serves to improve social skills, cognition, health, or much more, the large playsystem must couple all of these things with safety, reliability, and inclusivity. Whether you are business owner, school principal, or any other interested party, we provide an array of commercial playground equipment for all ages and capabilities, and with an emphasis on providing the most fun possible!

  1. #1 - Discovery Center Sapling Playground

    The Discovery Center Sapling playground is a three-deck structure designed for children ages 6 to 24 months. This HDPE plastic playset is great for schools and daycares. Large enough to allow 25 children to play together, the many...

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  2. #2 - Deer Creek Playground

    The Deer Creek is a great playground for a play area with a tight footprint. Though small in size it does not compromise play value, fitting in a climbing wall and curving slide. Children can climb up the vine...

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  3. #3 - Keystone Crossing Play System

    Keystone Crossing is a fortress of fun, packed with enough fun features to keep kids entertained for hours. The highlight of the structure is the twin pair of 6' tall Wave Slides. These provide great places to slide,...

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  4. #4 - Grand Cove Playground

    What a grand cove for your playground! This nautical themed play system will have your kid sailing away to a land of imaginative exploration. The Grand Cove boasts two fun slides flanking the side of the structure --...

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  5. #5 - Discovery Range Playground With Roof

    Children can interact with their friends on one of our largest play structures, which can accommodate up to 25 children. The Discovery Center 5 (both playful and natural) features the longest slide in the Discovery Center product line...

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  6. #6 - Sunset Harbor Play System

    Vibrant and dynamic, just like the setting sun, the Sunset Harbor playset is the perfect structure to foster active and imaginative development. Children will have a blast accessing the play structure via a Vertical Ladder leading to a...

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  7. #7 - Granite Manor Play System

    Get ready to rock and roll with the fabulous and sprawling Granite Manor play structure. Children will delight in running across this large, luxurious play model. Featuring a 36-inch elevated platform connected by stairs to a 48-inch elevated...

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  8. #8 - Patriot's Point Playground

    Climbing, interactive games, a slide; the Patriots Point playground hits all of the major points needed for a fun playtime but in a compact package. Children will scurry through the trees and up the Jungle Climber to reach...

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  9. #9 - Grand Venetian Play System

    The magnificence of this structure is just covered by its name, the Grand Venetian. The structure is covered in slides, tubes, and climbers that will satisfy even the most active child. Children can start their adventure at multiple...

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  10. #10 - Discovery Mountain Playground

    The Discovery Mountain playground is a perfect solution for multiple classrooms to play together, by accommodating up to 20 children! This four-deck play structure has it all for toddlers, offering a variety of developmental and education activities. Children...

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WillyGoat is happy to help you find exactly the right playground equipment, park equipment, shade structure, climbing element, water slide or playground game. If you're looking for something in particular, just give a call and we'll do our best to help find what you're looking for.