WillyGoat's Exclusive Explorer Series

Named after the national parks, WillyGoat’s explorer series large play systems are an incredible addition to any outdoor play space. With national parks reaching 100 years of age in 2016, we wanted to take the chance to commemorate all the natural beauty out there with the best of the best large play systems that we have to offer. Why the national parks, and what makes these play systems different than most you may ask? Well, in this blog post we’ll do our best at explaining both.


Picture this: You open your eyes to the vastness of the Grand Canyon, one of the foremost national parks in the country. As you stare down the wide earth formed crevices of the canyon, exploration is top of mind. Among the long list of activities at hand are climbing, rafting, and observing nature. How does this relate to large play systems? Well, to draw our comparison, we wanted to elicit that same attitude with our WillyGoat exclusive large playsystems. Watch as your children take their first steps on the Grand Canyon WillyGoat playground. Their inner explorer will come out as they ascend the rock climbing wall, or any of the other ways to climb this massive playgrounds like the caterpillar climber or vertical climbers.  As they explore the set eventually reaching the highest peak, a call to action is upon them. They will come upon a guard wall with a ship’s wheel, leading them to navigate through all that lay in front. Once they have steered to safety, they can zoom down the six foot curved sectional slide, only to continue climbing the set again and again.


Looking for a different topography? We wanted to be sure every type of little explorer would have their unique needs met when creating our explorer series. Like Sequoia national park, the first national park created to protect a living organism. What is that organism? Well, only the 250 feet high Sequoia trees that rise as far as the eye can see. And how does WillyGoat represent such an incredible beauty of nature? Resembling the base of one of these spectacular tree’s, the Sequoia WillyGoat Playground features a circular platform from which all the incredible activities grow. Children will love scaling the arch climber and walking around the set trying to decide which of the slides they will take to the bottom. The five foot bump and wave slide is sure to be a hit, though there is also a fire pole as well as a curved sectional slide. Looking for an even more authentic experience? With this play set, you can even choose your own colors, bringing your children as close to the real deal as possible.