Merry Go Rounds

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Go On, Give It a Whirl!

Is there anything more classic than merry go rounds? Kids of all ages love them, and WillyGoat has plenty of fun, safe and affordable merry-go-round options so that you can outfit your playground or park in a way that won’t go out of style. Roundabout toys are a great, fun way to provide play spinning, which helps children develop while also keeping them entertained.

A Playground Merry Go Round for Everyone

Putting a merry go round or carousel in your park or playground is a great way to give kids high-energy, social, developing play. WillyGoat’s playground fun experts have sourced fun, safe options to meet your park’s needs. We offer different sizes and dimensions to accommodate different age groups as they play, and we have different merry-go-round and carousel ride material and shape options to provide different levels of accessibility so that everyone can join in on the fun.

Playground Tea Cup Spinners and Cycles

If a traditional playground carousel isn’t your cup of tea, take a look at our playground teacup rides! These are a bit more enclosed and seated, and we even have a tea cup ride geared towards smaller children. Merry go cycles and play riders provide even more variety while you’re outfitting your playground, giving kids the option to ride in style.

Wheelchair Accessible Playground Options

WillyGoat also has a variety of affordable, ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible merry-go-round options so that every child can join in the fun! Including ADA approved rides and structures is a great way to make your play spaces friendly and welcoming to all abilities.