Merry Go Rounds

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Merry Go Rounds

The merry-go-round is more than just an amusement piece. These spinning devices were initially designed as a way to get young warriors used to the chaos of battle.

But as time went on, it turned into the classic and beloved ride we all enjoy today.

Besides being a source of fun, merry-go-rounds can play a significant role in a child’s physical and social development. The spinning motion aids with the development of balance and coordination, while the shared nature of the ride nurtures social interaction and cooperation.

As the epitome of classic play, we’ve curated an extensive collection of merry-go-rounds that will bring joy to your local playground or park!

Tailor-Made Fun for Everyone

Do you prefer a carousel-style round for children to ride or a metal disc for the older, more energetic lot? We’ve considered all possible scenarios and offer many materials and shapes to meet varying access levels, making it an all-inclusive fun for everyone.

Teacup Spinners and Cycles

Our collection goes beyond the conventional. Experience our unique teacup rides that provide a more enclosed and seated play option. Our merry-go cycles and play riders offer a new spin on playgrounds while ensuring timeless fun for children.

Wheelchair-Accessible Playground Equipment

WillyGoat also has a variety of affordable, ADA-compliant, and wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round options so that every child can join in the fun! Including ADA-approved rides and structures is a great way to make your play spaces friendly and welcoming to all abilities.

Guide to Choosing the Right Play Equipment

To aid your decision, our guide breaks down our selection to align with your unique needs:

  • Age-appropriate choices: Our range includes options suitable for different age groups. The Mini Merry Go Cycle is perfect for toddlers with its vibrant colors and safety measures, promoting essential motor skills. On the other hand, the Tower Carousel suits older children seeking more thrill and comradeship in their play.
  • Playground specifications: Depending on the size and layout of your playground or park, certain merry-go-rounds may fit better than others. For smaller areas, compact options like the Hold N Spin Stand Alone Play Event can provide endless delight without taking up significant space.
  • Style preferences: Whether you prefer traditional carousels or more modern, sleek metal designs, our array of merry-go-rounds serves diverse aesthetic preferences. Each style creates a distinct ambiance in your play area, so choose one that aligns with your desired playground theme.
  • Safety features: All our merry-go-rounds adhere to high safety standards. Look for additional safety features that meet your specific needs, such as enclosed seating or additional handles for a secure grip.

Add a touch of timeless fun to your play area today with a WillyGoat merry-go-round, delighting children of all ages and abilities!