Playground Slides

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Spiral Slide 8 Foot Deck

$6,404.00 $9,104.00

Straight Tube Slide 8 Foot Deck

$7,461.00 $10,584.00

Six Foot Spiral Slide

$5,525.00 $6,561.00

Six Foot Sectional Slide

$3,515.00 $4,065.00

Bump Wave Slide

$2,245.00 $2,735.00
Slides, Merry Go Rounds, Playgrounds and More at WillyGoat Toys and Playgrounds

WillyGoat carries a variety of wave slides, tunnel slides, spiral slides, double slides, straight slides, merry go rounds, glide rides, zip lines and other playground games and activities. We provide safe, durable slides, merry go rounds and other playground games that will last for years to come and provide countless hours of happy children.

WillyGoat prides itself in providing safe, fun activities for children of all ages. Merry Go Rounds do more than give kids a good time. Merry-go-rounds, or a roundabout, teaches kids cooperation as they work together to push and pull it in the same direction. Slides are a fun, thrilling way for children to have fun on at the park, school or daycare or any community space. Kids’ slides provide hours of entertainment for children of all ages.