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Independent and Component Slides: So, What's the Difference? For a kid, there's nothing more fun than climbing up the steps of a slide and then swooshing down to the bottom – and then running back to the stairs and repeating the same actions all over again. An essential piece of playground equipment, slides add more excitement to a kid's visit to the park. Independent slides stand on their own without touching other pieces of playground equipment. Place one of these custom playground slides next to existing playground equipment to provide more playtime options for kids. Component slides are attached to other playground equipment such as jungle gyms, treehouses, or other slides. Component slides make it easy for kids to move from one piece of equipment to another. Both playground slide types are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

Types of Playground Slides

A commercial-grade playground slide helps kids improve their balance and coordination, increase physical strength, and help them develop social skills like taking turns, sharing, and waiting in line (no kid likes to do that, though!). Positioned at an angle, straight slides provide a fast ride down to the bottom, while a spiral slide features many thrilling turns to enhance the fun! A tube slide is a covered straight slide that mimics a tunnel, while a straight wave slide features a series of bumps or waves to add a little bit of danger. A single slide, double slide, and triple slide features one, two, or three slide chutes next to each other to accommodate more kids (also helps keep the lines moving and hopefully keeps the bickering to a minimum).

What are Playground Slides Made of?

Most playground slides are composed of heavy-duty plastic or powder-coated metal. A plastic slide or metal playground slide can withstand most outdoor elements such as rain, wind, and snow (bad weather won’t keep a kid from visiting the park or from asking their parents a thousand times if they can go to the park now). Durable enough to withstand the daily stampede of energetic kids, these slides can also hold a lot of weight. Custom playground slides should also last a long time without much maintenance.

Which Custom Slide to Choose?

When choosing the type of play ground slide for a park, school, daycare center, community center, or for at-home use, consider the amount of space available and the types of slides already on the premises, if any. Straight slides, tube slides, and wave slides require more space than spiral slides. If the park or community center has lots of little visitors each day, consider investing in a double or triple slide to accommodate multiple kids at once. A slide for playground should be a shiny, colorful attraction for kids of any age. Choose colors that match existing playground equipment to create a magical world where kids can run and jump around and play for hours on end.

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