Stepping Stones

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Stepping Stones

Hop, Skip, and Jump

Stepping stones are some of the most fun items found in playgrounds and parks, where they provide a fun way for kids to hop around from one spot to another. It doesn't matter what age, any child good on their feet will enjoy bouncing around the park while practicing their balance!

The Floor is Lava and More

There are so many fun games for your kids to play on your playground stepping stones! Try pretending that the mulch area is lava and balance on the stones is the only path to freedom.

Another fun one: try balancing a book or other flat object on your head while navigating the stones -- the sillier the object the better!

Some stepping stones feature designs or patterns that make them more interesting. Others are shaped like turtles, mythical creatures or other animals. When stepping stones feature a design or image, stepping on that image gives the stepping stone user a specific power or ability, such as becoming invisible or flying for a short period of time.

Finally, for those most sure footed, try a game of hopscotch or jumping up and down atop your rock. We don't recommend jumping rope, per se, but have fun with it!

The Fun History of Stepping Stones

A stepping stone is also a small stone used to cross a wet area in order to avoid getting one's boots muddy and wet by going around the mud instead of trudging through it. They can be found at fords and low water crossings along hiking trails and dirt roads. Some people believe stepping stones placed carefully can bring good luck if you wash your feet before stepping on them.

The Benefits of Playground Stepping Stones

Kids learn to balance when they play on stepping stones. The games that they play will help them feel better on their feet, build strength in their legs, and build their ability to balance.

Build strength and perseverance by learning a new skill through climbing and hopping around our stepping stones.