Tripod Swing Sets

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Tripod Swing Sets

Tripod Swing Sets Are Great For Multiple Users

Tripod swing sets are excellent choices when you want a sturdy swing set. Tripod swing stands help support multiple users without the danger of tipping. These are great for heavy-duty swing sets for backyards or playgrounds.

WillyGoat stocks swing sets with standard swings as well as a heavy-duty tire swing option, bipod swing sets, and arch swing sets. Each playground swing and tire swing bay can support up to 2 kids.

Mix and Match Colors for Bigger Smiles

Our Heavy Duty line of tripod swing sets come in a variety of colors. Our Tripod Swing Set is a simple metal swing set. However, for the other swing sets, you can choose the colors of the tire, chain, end frame fittings, and swings. You can go with just one color or have fun mixing colors. Be creative. Depending on the set, colors can include various combos of red, green, yellow, blue, black, purple, white, silver, orange, brown, and tan.

Dream Big, Swing High

Dream big. Do you want an 8’ swing, 10’ swing, or 12’ swing set? How many children do you envision swinging at the same time? Will the kids enjoy a tire swing? How many swing bays do you want? You can connect many of our commercial-grade swing sets so that you have up to 8 connected swings.

Kids of All Ages and the Young at Heart Can Enjoy Our Tripod Swing Sets

When installed according to the instructions, each of our Heavy Duty metal swing bay supports two children up to 12 years old per ASTM and CPSC guidelines. However, we don’t place weight limits on our swings. Our Heavy Duty and other tripod swings can double as an adult swing set if set with more concrete and in the right type of dirt. You don’t have to worry about joining your kid in a contest to see who can swing the highest and jump out the farthest.

If you’re looking for a commercial swing set, tripod swing sets are a great choice. Contact WillyGoat if you need help deciding which is best for you or are interested in more information about our other types of playsets.