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Teeter Totter & Seesaws

Up, Up, and Away!

Is there anything as classic as a see saw? Or is it a teeter totter? Whatever you call this classic piece of kids playground equipment, chances are you remember trying to see as high and fast as you could go on one when you were a kid! Teeter totters help with balance, and even though they’re just a simple lever, they’re a great playground game to play with a friend. WillyGoat has multiple safe options to add a seesaw for kids to enjoy at your park or playground; don’t flip and flop, take a look!

See Saw Playground Options

A kids teeter totter is a great way to reach new heights in play. It’s easy to forget that play is an essential part of learning, but as you’re picking out school playground equipment and picking out safe, active, and engaging forms of play for your students to interact with, consider making that playground equipment teeter totter inclusionary. Teeter totters encourage not only balance but cooperative play, since it’s very hard for children’s seesaw excursions to operate going solo. They learn about levers, weight and balance, and gravity in a fun, hands-on way that will illustrate the things they’ll later learn in the classroom. A playground seesaw is a worthy inclusion as you’re picking out park playground equipment, too—our SportsPlay heavy duty playground seesaw even comes with the option to have up to six on one fulcrum, meaning that up to twelve kids can participate at once! Lots of teeter-totter action will also mean that lots of kids can be in associative play with each other as they’re directly playing with their see-saw buddy.

A Teeter Totter for All

As you’re finding the perfect components and equipment for your park or playground, maybe you want to involve the benefits of a teeter totter without installing levers. WillyGoat also has seesaw playground options that invoke a lot of the properties of a spring rider, using springs to balance and provide movement without a lot of vertical mobility. These in ground rider see saws are a bit more accessible and maybe even less scary for younger kids who want to play like the bigger kids but aren’t ready to experiment with teeter totter levers. These spring riders are just as fun as a classic teeter totter but provide exciting new ways to play and feel the rush of gaining balance and playing with friends! WillyGoat also carries a Play Time US portable teeter totter, which is a bit like a large outdoor rocking horse—just like the bouncy rider option, it’s all the fun of a see saw with a little more height control, and is great for little kids or smaller spaces.