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We’re Not Just Monkeying Around—But You Can Be!

Picking out the perfect swing set kit from the sea of backyard wooden swing sets should be as easy as it is important: you want a structure that encourages active, imaginative, backyard discovery and explorative play, but you also want it to be safe and sound and survive to play many more days. Luckily for you, WillyGoat has made it so easy to find the best backyard playset for your family! Instead of dealing with the monkey business of sifting between the many backyard swing sets, take a look at Gorilla Playsets, the ultimate in heavy duty kids clubhouse wooden swing set options. Your kids will have the most fun, and you will have peace of mind that you’ve chosen not only the kind of backyard playhouse that keeps them active, imaginative, and safe but one that will sustain the weather and endure for years to come.

Gorilla Wooden Swing Sets

Gorilla Playsets are on a mission to provide the highest-quality, most fun backyard playsets, slides, and swings that you can find: commercial quality built for your backyard! There are so many options to choose from, it will feel like a completely DIY swing set, but they come ready to be assembled and installed in your favorite part of your backyard. Most Gorilla Playsets backyard swing and kids clubhouse setups not only include slides and swings for kids to play on, but they’re also heavy on the swing set accessories, with the options for a clatter bridge, sandbox area, rock wall, monkey bars, and so much more.

Not Just a Swing Set, A True Kids’ Clubhouse

Your kids will think your Gorilla playset is the coolest for about a million reasons, no matter which one you choose, and there is so much to choose from! Each of their backyard jungle gym and wooden swing set options comes equipped with multiple points of entry/exit—slides, climbing walls, monkey bars, and safe entry ladders cater to activity, age, and energy level—as well as plenty of backyard playhouse trappings to activate imaginations and encourage pretend play of all sorts. Gorilla Playsets’ kids clubhouse offerings include a high variety of active component options: look for a climbing wall, picnic table, super scoop slide, trapeze swing or tire swing, monkey bars, a lookout tower, and SO much more. And you’ll also find that, like in our KidKraft sets, the fun doesn’t stop there—Gorilla also includes lots of fun games and pretend play components, which are great developmental play. From the lookout tower, they can check for rival pirates or sea monsters (or you!) with the telescope; they can take the steering wheel, make a phone call, or anything else that fancy strikes. Tic-tac-toe games and chalkboard sets are versatile gameplay that can enhance pretend, and all of these only augment the playset kids will love for years.

Our Materials are Champions of the Swing Set Brackets

One of the best reasons to choose a Gorilla Playsets swing set with tube slide, wave slide, or so many other of our highlighted fun components is because Gorilla builds to be the best and withstand the most. All the high-adventure play is undergirded by the utmost in safe construction, top-line swing set hardware and playset accessories, and swing set parts that will last. Gorilla’s construction is detailed and kid-friendly (have you seen the cute chimneys and architectural roofs and dormers that top the backyard playhouse?) while focusing on the best wooden frames and finishes so that the playset is enduring through all forms of play, weather, and time. Your roof options include the heavy duty standard wood roof, the premium Malibu roof with multiple gables, and the deluxe vinyl or Sunbrella tarps. With a clubhouse kit, your children will have more privacy for their club meetings. We hope that you love our backyard playset ideas and that your kids’ playhouse is the stuff of dreams!