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Playground Rubber Mulch

All our products are made from recycled rubber, providing eco-friendly solutions for playgrounds and landscapes. From the moment a tire is used and discarded, it goes through a specialized recycling process to transform into our high-quality rubber mulch for playgrounds.

With an impressively long lifecycle that outperforms traditional wood mulch, our product ensures less frequent replacement. Explore our playground mulch now!

Rubberific Playground Border Timbers

Our six-inch high Rubberific Timbers are an exceptional choice for landscaping and playground borders. Made from 100% recycled rubber, these timbers are eco-friendly and flexible enough to form virtually any edge desired. They include three stakes each and feature engineered drainage ports, preventing water pooling in flower beds or playgrounds. 


Part of our extensive range of 100% recycled rubber mulch, the J-Curb is a molded rubber curb designed to contain loose-fill surfacing, poured-in-place applications, and artificial turf. The unique key-way design ensures that contents are held securely. The J-Curb also features built-in two-inch outlets to assist with drainage. With its flexibility, it can be formed into various curves and shapes.

Rubber Edging - Border Shapers

An optimum solution for any loose-fill surfacing containment, Rubber Designs Rubber Edging is an excellent choice for landscaping or play and recreation areas. With an added layer of safety, these products are durable enough to stand the test of time and come in eight-foot lengths that can be secured using rebar as anchors.

GroundSmart Rubber Mulch

Rigorously tested, our GroundSmart Mulch is CPSC and IPEMA certified and also meets the ASTM F1951-99 standard. This rubber product is a standout choice that offers fall protection and wheelchair accessibility. It does not decompose, and its color won’t rub off on children’s clothes or pets, making it a long-lasting, safe, and aesthetically pleasing option for various environments.

Rubberific Swing and Playground Mat

These durable mats are made from 100% recycled rubber and are ideal for use beneath swings and slides where loose-fill mulch is typically dispersed. The mats remain in place, providing added safety and reducing maintenance requirements. They are made from environmentally approved materials and are available in a variety of colors.

Loose Fill Rubber Mulch

Our Loose Fill Rubber Mulch, made from recycled tire buffing, affirms our commitment to safety with its ASTM and CPSC certifications. It not only offers durability and a soft, springy bounce but also reduces maintenance time while enhancing the beauty of playgrounds and landscaping areas. This product is a testament to our dedication to safety, longevity, and environmental sustainability.

Recycled Tire Material

Rubberized mulch is made from recycled rubber tires. After being shredded or chopped into chunks, the rubber is cleaned and processed into small pieces that can be used as a playground surfacing material.

Disposal of large amounts of tires can be hazardous to the environment because they might leak chemicals into the soil and water. Approximately 280 million tires are disposed of in landfills, which can lead to the leaching of chemicals or the release of methane gas.

Rubber mulch does not decompose like other playground surfacing materials, so it does not release harmful chemicals into the environment. It’s made from high-quality recycled rubber material, ensuring leaking is not a risk for playgrounds.

Explore Our Rubber Mulch Varieties

We've compiled a quick comparison of our rubber mulch products to help you find the best fit for your landscape or playground needs.


Color Varieties

Best For


Rubberific Playground Border Timbers

Earthtone, Redwood, Forest Green, Classic Black

Landscaping and playground borders




Containment of loose-fill surfacing


Rubber Edging - Border Shapers

Brown, Black, Green, Red

Landscaping or play/recreation areas


GroundSmart Rubber Playground Mulch


Playgrounds and commercial landscaping


Rubberific Swing and Playground Mat

Earthtone, Redwood, Forest Green, Black

Swing and slide areas

EPA-approved eco-friendly materials

Loose Fill Rubber Mulch


Playgrounds and landscaping areas


Installation Guide

Setting up your rubber mulch is a simple task that can be completed in a few steps. Begin by clearing the desired area of any large debris and smoothing out the surface. Once the area is prepped, lay out a landscape fabric to prevent weed growth and ensure proper draining.

Now you're ready to spread out your rubber mulch. When applying, ensure a depth of six inches for optimal fall protection in play areas. Click here to read the full guide.

Maintenance Tips

Here are a few simple tips to ensure that your rubber mulch remains in top condition for the years to come.

Regular inspection: Regularly check your rubber mulch for any thin spots, particularly in high-traffic areas. Top up with additional rubber mulch as needed.

Refresh mulch: Use a rake to fluff up your playground mulch occasionally. This keeps the mulch fresh and maintains good water flow for drainage.

Remove leaves and debris: A leaf blower can be used to clear leaves and other debris from the surface of the rubber mulch without disrupting its distribution. 

Address displacement: Keep an eye out for any displacement of rubber mulch in high-traffic areas and replace it accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled answers to some commonly asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

Is rubber mulch safe for children and pets?

Yes, our rubber mulch is non-toxic, metal-free, and deemed safe for children, pets, and the environment.

How long does rubber playground mulch last?

Rubber mulch is incredibly durable and usually lasts for over a decade. Its longevity and the need for less frequent replacement make it an economical choice in the long run.

Does the color of the rubber mulch wear off?

Our rubber mulch is designed with high-quality colors that resist fading. Even with constant exposure to sunlight and adverse weather conditions, the vibrant color of our rubber mulch remains intact.

Can rubber mulch float or blow away?

Under normal conditions, it should not float away or be easily blown about by wind. Rubber mulch is heavier than traditional wood mulch and is designed to withstand wind and water.

Can rubber playground mulch harm my plants or lawn?

No, rubber mulch is chemically inert and will not leach harmful chemicals into the soil. It does not impact the pH level of your soil, nor does it attract harmful bugs or pests.

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