Ordering Information

Of course you can! We are available Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5:30PM CST to answer any questions. Please feel free to call us at (888) 920-4628 to speak to our friendly customer service team about questions you have about WillyGoat and our products.

Due to the time it takes to put a swing set together, it is best to order with plenty of time to receive, inspect, and assemble your swing set. Depending upon the complexity of the swing set, installation can vary greatly, but we include assembly expectations on every product page for your convenience! Assembly instructions are easy to follow and all wood is pre-cut and pre-drilled. Very occasionally, shipments may have pieces missing or damaged in transit, so having a set delivered early also allows time to ship any replacement pieces. While damage or shortage happens infrequently, it is something that does happen. All shipments of replacement parts will go UPS or FedEx ground within a few business days.

All addresses for shipping are typically generated from Google Maps. Occasionally the site will experience issues with calculating shipping due to a less common spelling, an address that is not easily found, or a close neighborhood that isn’t publicly accessible. Please call us (888) 920-4628 to make sure we can get you the correct shipping pricing.

To cancel an order for an item that is in stock, it is imperative to get in touch with us within an hour of placing an order. Many customers want to ensure that their items are shipped the same day, which is why we carry many products in stock. This is a convenience we are happy to provide for our customers. That means we typically ship items that are in stock within hours of the order being placed and returning a shipment is costly.

At times, boxes get beat up during the freight transit. In almost all situations, regardless if the boxes are torn open, there is very little damage to the playset. Although WillyGoat will be happy to reship a new set to you if you refuse the set, we recommend you accept the set and allow us to send any replacement parts (if needed) after you do an inventory of parts (that usually takes around 25 minutes).

For warranty issues, you will need to contact the manufacturer. Their warranty information is included in the packaging you received, but if you ever have issues reaching them, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

Commercial Playground Information

We pride ourselves on our customer service and follow through on commercial orders. We are attentive and helpful, knowledgeable and experienced in this field. We can provide recommendations for your project and give you insights that we’ve learned over the years from handling other customers. We are here to earn your business!

We typically sell products that are already designed and previously manufactured, but many have custom color options and we can walk you through our many options. We have 20+ years of experience in playground equipment and are excited to work with you to pull together the elements to build your perfect park.

Yes, we are happy to quote installation for your project and provide a qualified and insured contractor to take care of your installation.

For large playground equipment, we generally require payment in full up front. These items are made to order and there is a lot of time and material put into each piece of equipment, which makes an order very costly to cancel. In most cases, we do accept purchase orders from governments and municipalities to begin building equipment and shade structures, but we generally require payment on or before delivery. All payments for installation are required before installation begins.

The answer is determined by your local governing entity. We may be able to provide some information to help facilitate the permitting process, but all required permitting is at the cost and labor of the customer.

Playground and park equipment is delivered via LTL freight shippers, but it may require FTL for larger equipment.

Depending upon what you ordered, you may be required to have the proper equipment to unload your playground. Commercial customers typically have a few days to inventory the delivery and provide any feedback about missing pieces or possible damage in transit.

Swing Set Information

Yes! WillyGoat now provides swing set installation. Our products have great instructions for assembly, but it may be time consuming, so we've partnered with a national network of installers to assist in your assembly. When you're choosing your swing set, just select the installation option and it will be added to your cart. After your swing set ships, you will be contacted by the installation network and assigned an installer. Unless you require additional time before assembly, an assembly appointment is generally made 1-2 weeks from your receipt of the playset. You will still be responsible for taking inventory of your swing set upon receipt, providing a level area for assembly, and providing trash disposal (ie. the installer won't take the boxes and pallet with them).

No, the Wooden Swing Sets are designed for residential home use only. These sets are not intended for public areas such as schools, churches, nurseries, daycares or parks.

A full list of maintenance instructions are provided in the swing set manual you receive with your swing set. The better you maintain your swing set, the longer it will last. Warranties for swing sets depend upon the manufacturer’s policy.

Swing Set Shipping Information

All large freight items including swing sets and play equipment will be shipped via a freight company, not FedEx. Additionally, all freight items will be shipped via residential curbside delivery, meaning, someone will need to be present at the time of delivery to sign for the package and to assist the driver offloading the packages from his truck.

Residential curbside allows shipping costs to be significantly reduced to all points in the country. With just this small amount of customer involvement the delivery process saves our customers in large shipping costs.

Swing sets arrive on a typical tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, semi.. I guess what you call it depends on where you live.

The trucking company will call the phone number given at the time of an order to schedule a delivery. The trucking company only makes deliveries on weekdays during normal business hours. Inside of these parameters the trucking company should be able to accommodate your schedule for delivery. It has been found that requesting the driver to call you when he is about 30 minutes from delivering to you, makes it possible to not have to wait around for delivery. You can request this call when scheduling the delivery appointment.

Yes, for residential curbside delivery, you need to be present for the delivery. You will be responsible for checking the product for damage, offloading the swing set, and signing the delivery ticket.

Though the driver is not required to help, sometimes he or she will give you a hand. Historically, we have had one person put together and ship these swing sets -- all pieces can be pulled off by one person. It is probably ideal to have one family member or good friend be there to help out (you know, that person who gives you a ride to the airport).

Does everyone do this? It’s a good question. At this time residential curbside delivery is very common across the entire industry. At WillyGoat, we pride ourselves on delivering our products at the best cost available. We are looking to eventually offer more premium “white-glove” delivery services and will update our shipping options accordingly.

The number of boxes in a swing set really depends upon what set you purchase, but generally it is 5-12 boxes. Some boxes can be heavy.

Please call us and we will deal with your problem. You can reach us at <a href=\"tel:1-888-920-4628\" target=\"_blank\">(888) 920-4628.<\/a>

It is something that transportation companies offer, so we can do it. We are currently working to add this option on our website. Stay tuned. In the meantime, give us a call if you would like guaranteed delivery dates.

Yes, WillyGoat offers customer pickup at our warehouse Monroe, Louisiana. The location and ability to pick up an order depends on availability at a specific warehouse. To place an order for pickup, please call our customer service desk at (888) 920-4628, where we can confirm inventory location, take payment information, and schedule a pickup window at the same time. Pickup appointments are scheduled between 10AM and 2PM CST Monday through Friday. This is a great way to save on shipping, but please be aware that WillyGoat accepts no responsibility for damage or missing parts due to transportation in the case of a customer pickup. The customer is responsible for supplying their own strapping and\/or banding for securing the product. Due to the hold we place on limited inventory, there is a 10% cancellation fee for pickup orders.

At the time of checkout, we can provide an estimated transit time. Be aware that these days are business days and calculated from the time of shipment. If a product is in stock, we ship it the same day. In most cases, the timeline is provided at checkout.

A PRO number is freight lingo for a tracking number. On our site and communication with you, we typically use the phrase interchangeably.

It may take a few days for your PRO number to register on the shipping site. The best way to schedule a timely delivery is to contact the shipper’s local terminal, which will be available on your tracking site when you use the PRO number.

Shade Structure Information

Solid fabrics and many other materials trap heat under the shade and don’t allow for cool air circulation. Our fabrics are porous which allow air to pass through keeping it far cooler and more comfortable under a fabric shade structure without requiring as much regular maintenance or treatment.

The most popular fabric is HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). This fabric provides up to 95% shade, 97% UV protection, and approximately 60%~70% water run-off.

These fabrics carry a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of installation against failure from significant fading, deterioration, breakdown, mildew, outdoor heat, cold, or discoloration; this excludes Red and Coolbrella fabrics, which carry a 3-year limited warranty. The life expectancy of our HDPE fabrics is up to 12 years, assuming they are properly maintained.

HDPE fabrics require very little maintenance, but should be kept clean to ensure they look bright and attractive throughout their service life. To clean our fabrics, use a power washer or water hose with a light (diluted) detergent. Spray the fabric from the underside, starting at the top or peak, and then working down each side of the structure so the dust and debris will be washed off. If using a power washer, take care not to get the spray head too close to the fabric.

Due to building code requirements and, more importantly for your safety, all of our shade structures are permanently anchored. There are a number of different anchoring methods we can utilize for your project, some of which allow for easy disassembly and removal.

Very little is needed to remove our fabrics from the steel structure. All of our structures are engineered to wind loads of at least 90mph and the steel structure can be designed to withstand speeds up to 150mph, if required. In addition, our fabrics have UV stabilizers inherent in the material to prevent breakdown. Our fabrics are stretched over the support frames using a patented compression\/tension system, utilizing steel aircraft cable sewn into a pocket around the perimeter of the fabric and then fastened with U-bolts at one corner. If you ever need to remove the fabrics, this can be quickly accomplished by unfastening the U-bolts with a wrench, which releases the tension in the fabric and allows easy removal of the fabric.

This depends on the municipality in which you are planning to have your structure installed. Some cities counties do require a building permit for shade structures. Not to worry; all of our structures are fully engineered to meet, and in most cases exceed, local building code requirements. Sealed design engineering sets are available; we can provide the necessary documents or drawings for you to acquire a building permit, but the permitting process is your responsibility.

Our standard shade fabrics are not compliant with the California Division of the State Architect. Please reach out if you need a fabric compliant with DSA for your California permit, and we can create a custom quote for you.

Yes, we can help make your shade a reality. We have a network of installers throughout the country, but the availability of installation services may vary based on your location.

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