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Portable Greenhouses

Prepare to Plant With a Portable Greenhouse

Growing a garden isn't just a great pastime; it's a tremendous responsibility you can share with your family and friends! You can make your garden as big or as little as you want and fill it with all kinds of leafy greens, ripe veggies, fragrant flowers, and flavorful fruits. Building your backyard greenhouse is also a great educational experience to share with kids. You can plant your favorites, watch them grow, and teach your kids about responsibility as well as the different plants you chose. Not to mention, they're easy to set up, relocate, and won't put a dent in your wallet.

Keep Out the Cold With a Cold Frame Greenhouse

As you browse the many portable greenhouses for sale online, look to WillyGoat for a setlist of the best options. Our choices have been vetted for simplicity, affordability, and safety. For a garden you can use year-round, portable greenhouses create a shelter to protect your plants from whatever the weather throws their way. For even more protection from weather and creepy critters looking for a snack, a cold frame greenhouse provides a more durable structure. It's built to withstand strong winds, fend off unwanted guests, and retain heat to keep your plants comfortable during harsh winter months.

Raise Your Plants With Raised Garden Beds

As cold frame greenhouse sets have their benefits, so do raised beds. Raised beds give your plants room to grow and keep your soil fluffy and loose, which is essential for your plants' roots. These beds are also very sturdy and can withstand harsh winds, much like the cold frame counterpart. Since they're higher off the ground than other plant beds, you can easily maneuver around them to reach every plant with ease, and if you're running around in the backyard having fun, you won't have to worry about tripping over your plants. A raised garden bed goes nicely with a cold frame if you want more for your garden.

Biostar, Poly Timber, and Cold Frame Portable Greenhouse Sets

You really can't go wrong with whatever portable greenhouse you choose from our elite inventory, but each choice has its advantages. The Biostar premium cold frame greenhouse offers the ultimate protection of your plants and children since it has a childsafe design. The Poly Timber raised bed garden is made from environmentally friendly plastic, so you won't have to worry about getting splinters or cuts from rough edges while you tend to your plants. The other cold frame portable greenhouses provide a more affordable alternative to the more expensive Biostar but are smaller in size, so they won't take up space that your backyard can't spare.

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