Handicap Wheelchair Accessible Swings

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Handicap Wheelchair Accessible Swings

Handicap accessible swings are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of a swing set, but may have difficulty getting up and down from a traditional swing. Wheelchair users can enjoy handicap swings, which have outfitted with a platform or  seat that is lower to the ground than traditional swings.

Heavy Duty for all Ages

No matter what age or ability, there are heavy duty swing sets that can handle your needs. Children and adults alike can enjoy the benefits of flying through the air. With galvanized piping and chains, there's no need to worry about weathering either; handicap accessible swings are built to last and most models come with a manufacturer warranty against corrosion and/or rust. Even if you live at the coast where saltwater is common, handicap swing sets and handicap swings will hold up.

Our ADA swing seats are heavy duty molded plastic to securely strap in children and adults for safe swinging. Or find the platform you need to bring a wheelchair onto the swing in the most inclusive way.

Swing Set Accessories

In addition to swing seats and ramps, there are pull chains for riders to control the speed and height of their swinging. At WillyGoat, we also carry a full line of swing set accessories and replacement parts. That way, you'll always have everything you need to keep your commercial swing set functioning properly.

You’ll need to look into the JennSwing molded plastic seat to secure your swing riders safely as they fly! It comes in a ton of different colors.

Built for all Locations

Handicap accessible swings are usually hung from a heavy duty swing set frame, which can be installed in your local park, playground, or church. Most any commercial grade swing set can also be installed in your backyard so that anyone who needs handicap accessibility can have fun playing on a swing at their convenience. The handicap swing is made of metal and plastic materials, and can be produced in a variety of colors, matching your school colors or favorite look.

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At WillyGoat, we can handle all of your ADA playground and park needs. From accessible tables and benches for shade structures to keep you cool, please check out all of our options.