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Swing Set Seats

Single Axis vs. Multi-Axis Playground Seats

Swing sets provide endless hours of fun for kids and their friends. Without a swing set, a playground is just a fancy park! Create a fun, magical place for kids to run, play, and socialize. One way to mix it up when designing a playground is to include a unique type of swing set seat. Appropriate for infants, toddlers, and older kids, single-axis swing seats move forward and backward, while multi-axis swing seats, better for older kids, move forward, backward, and side to side for added excitement! Multi-axis swing seats need lots of room to operate and often require additional swing parts, so these swing seats should be placed away from other swings.

Types of Single Axis Swing Set Seats

To design an awesome playground that kids will want to visit every day, it’s good to include more than one type of bucket swing for kids. Kids four years and younger, will have a swinging good time in a full bucket swing seat, while kids who can swing themselves will have an equally good time riding in half bucket swing seats. A flexible copolymer or synthetic rubber belt swing seat folds in a little when kids sit down for added safety. In contrast, molded plastic baby swings, used by infants who can't hold themselves upright without assistance, feature a wide seat belt bar and safety straps. An ADA swing seat is for kids and teens with special needs. The Jennswing ADA swing seat uses injection-molded plastics, rotational molding, heavy-duty fabrics, or copolymer materials.

Types of Multi-Axis Swing Set Seats

Multi-axis swing seat sets take an ordinary playground set and turn it into something truly memorable! The tire swing is the most common multi-axis swing. These swings allow kids and their friends to ride on it at the same time - kids will think that’s really cool! Disc swings are similar to tire swings. Disc swings have a flat surface that kids and their friends can ride on at once - also, very cool! Available in single or dual glider style, glider swings move in a gliding motion back and forth rather than an up and down swinging motion. Made for adults, a babysitter swing moves back and forth so adults can have a little fun at the playground too!

Playset Accessories

Swing set accessories help keep a playground operational and safe. Swing parts like coated swing chains, metal swing hangers, D shackles, and tire swivels need replacing from time to time. Keep a few replacement swing seats in storage to make repairs and replacements much easier. Keep extra playground accessories such as plastic coated triangles, playground mats, trapeze bars, and other rotational molding items on hand as well for quick, easy replacement.