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Picnic Tables

Park It and Sit for a Spell

A quintessential element of any good park is having a place for people to gather. Whether you’re putting wooden picnic tables underneath a shade structure pavilion or installing coated metal picnic tables in an outdoor eating area for students and families, make sure that you provide high-quality, enduring places for people to sit and share their time at your playground or park. Our commercial picnic tables for sale come in all sorts of builds, shapes, seating capacity, even colors to make sure that what you select is exactly right for your space. Make sure to check out our wheelchair accessible, ADA friendly seating options as well, so that as you’re making all the details of your park furniture perfect, it’s also accessible to everyone who will come enjoy your park, playground, or outdoor space.

Classic Commercial Picnic Tables and More!

Whether you are outfitting a classic picnic area at a park or campground, installing seating options at a playground or sports complex, or putting in fun outdoor cafe-style seating in a public or commercial space, we have plenty of options to help you decide which styles of park picnic tables are right for you. We have classic rectangular picnic tables with attached picnic bench seating, square and round tables with sectioned seating, elevated food court tables, picnic table bench seats with backs, and design-focused outdoor picnic tables with detached seating. Many of our options coordinate with other park furniture features like some of the waste receptacle and park bench options we have for sale (check out our premium park amenities!). Even if you’re primarily seating younger kids and want to check out toddler picnic table options specifically, we have all sorts of options to help you find exactly what your park needs.

Picnic Table Dimensions and Materials

Most of our picnic table options are constructed with metal frames so that they are sturdy, secure, and depending on the mount type, portable if needed. But many of our metal picnic tables have wooden tabletops and benches Our classic rectangular picnic tables come in varying lengths—from six feet long all the way to twelve feet long, the latter of which is especially great for camps, RV parks, and other higher-volume locations—while our square and round table options are built for seating smaller groups. Depending on which tables you’re interested in, they can be mounted onto a hard surface so that they’re more permanently installed, or many of our designs also function portably, staying securely upright without needing to be installed to be used.

ADA Picnic Table Options

Make sure that your park is accessible to everyone who wants to use it! WillyGoat has plenty of ADA seating options including classic picnic table lengths with adjusted bench lengths and wheelchair-appropriate heights, but many of our smaller and premium picnic table designs also come in ADA-compliant, wheelchair-friendly options. Make sure that all of your park and playground visitors are catered to and able to have the best time at your park with ADA options!