Commercial Picnic Tables

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Commercial Picnic Tables

WillyGoat is your destination for quality commercial picnic tables, ideal for parks, eateries, or open areas. We have an extensive selection to suit your aesthetic preferences, along with strong durability to withstand years of use.

Gather, Relax, and Enjoy

The essence of any great park lies in providing spots for people to gather. Essential assets like wooden picnic tables under a shade structure or coated metal picnic tables in an outdoor eating area promote a sense of community.

Our commercial picnic tables come in all builds, shapes, seating capacities, and even colors to ensure that what you select is exactly right for your space. Check out our wheelchair-accessible, ADA-friendly seating options, designed to serve everyone enjoying your space.

Classic Commercial Picnic Tables and More

Whether you intend to spruce up classic park and campground picnic spots or add a touch of chic to public seating spaces, we have you covered. Our options include traditional rectangular tables with attached benches to the contemporary elevated food court tables, ensuring there’s an ideal match for every layout.

Many of our options coordinate with other park furniture features, such as our waste receptacles and park benches. Inclusive options like picnic bench seats with backs or detached seating add versatility to our collection. We also offer toddler-friendly tables designed with extra care for the little guests.

Check out our premium park amenities for more!

Sturdy, Resilient, and Low Maintenance

At WillyGoat, our park tables boast more than just functionality and charm. Constructed with robust metal frames, they ensure outstanding durability. The touch of wooden tabletops and benches adds a rustic allure, but they’re more than just aesthetics. They’re treated to resist common outdoor issues like peeling paint and rotting wood, enhancing their lifeline.

Adaptable for Every Gathering

Designed with versatility in mind, our rectangular tables come in various lengths. They accommodate a wide range of group sizes, from small, intimate gatherings to large-scale outdoor events. The durable design and low maintenance promise mean you spend less time on upkeep and more on enjoyment.

Flexible Mounting Options

Meeting every placement need, our tables offer flexible mounting options. Some designs boast firm stability without the need for permanent installation. Others can be anchored permanently for increased stability. With WillyGoat’s outdoor commercial picnic tables, durability is guaranteed without compromising on flexibility and style.

Inclusive Seating for Everyone

WillyGoat believes in accessibility for all and emphasizes inclusion in outdoor spaces. We provide an extensive range of ADA seating options designed to accommodate all park and playground visitors.

Our ADA-compliant, wheelchair-friendly designs ensure optimal comfort by adjusting bench lengths and heights. Our commitment to offering these options is driven by our vision of ensuring that all visitors can fully enjoy their time in your park or outdoor area.

Picnic Table Dimensions and Materials

All our products align impressive design with practical purpose, durability, and maintenance ease to fulfill different outdoor seating needs.

Extra Heavy Duty Picnic Table

Immensely durable, this picnic table is ideal for any outdoor setting, from schoolyards to public parks. With a length of four feet, it comfortably seats multiple individuals at once. The table is entirely made of steel, ensuring robustness that resists harsh outdoor elements.

The high-gloss thermoplastic finish on the top and the benches is pleasantly vivid and designed for resilience. It guarantees no chipping or fading, extending the aesthetic appeal of the table over time. The extra heavy-duty picnic tables also come with the option to be mounted to concrete, increasing its stability and permanence.

ADA Single-Sided Extra Heavy Duty Picnic Table

Measuring six feet, this picnic table offers an accessible solution for public eating areas while complying with ADA standards. The sturdy table features a walk-through design that facilitates easy accommodation for wheelchair access.

Identical to the heavy-duty picnic table, the tabletop and benches of this model are finished with vibrant, thermoplastic layers that are chip and fade-resistant. All the hardware elements are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, increasing the durability and reliability of the product.

Kids Picnic Table

Designed specifically with children in mind, the kids’ picnic table offers the younger crowd a perfect spot to engage in fun outdoor activities. The flat surface of the table enhances comfort and functionality, allowing kids to write or play with ease.

Built with Resinwood slats, the table offers an attractive appearance while ensuring durability and minimal maintenance. The fade resistance offered by the Resinwood material extends the life of the vibrant colors, ensuring that the table retains its inviting look over time.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Transform your outdoors into an inviting gathering spot with WillyGoat. Order your perfect commercial-grade picnic tables today!