Swing Sets


Single Post Swing Set

From $1,160.76 $1,299.00


    Cantilever Swing Set

    From $1,235.83 $1,696.84

    • Pacific Blue
    • Rainforest Green

    Bipod Swing Set

    From $780.83


      Heavy Duty Cantilevered T-Swing

      From $1,061.47 $1,197.00

        Tripod Swing Set

        From $1,069.59


          Arch Swing Set

          From $1,348.33 $1,631.34

          • Rainforest Green
          • Pacific Blue

          Heavy Duty Arch Swing Set

          From $2,679.80 $2,743.00


            Heavy Duty ADA Swing Set

            From $1,473.60 $1,504.00

              Any Swing Set for your Playground

              We have sorted through all of the potential commercial swing set manufacturers and curated a selection for your playground that can’t be beat. There are lots of options out there for you to choose from: tire swings, arch swings, bipod and tripod posts, heavy duty, and ADA compliant swing sets. With our selection, you can quickly find the swing set you need for your playground.

              Why a Swing Set?

              Are you kidding? Okay, have you never been on one? It doesn’t matter what age, a swing set provides a unique sense of wonder and fun that transports you like no other toy or playground equipment can. Children learn the value of taking turns as well as cause and effect as they learn how to fly higher by kicking their legs. Our heavy duty sets are perfect adult swing sets for the inner children in your community.

              Commercial Swing Set Options

              Have fun thinking through your options. There’s the classic tire swing, where kids can spin and swing in all directions. You can find taller swing sets for climbing higher and higher! We have all swing post options depending upon your aesthetic and design desires: bipod, tripod, and classic arch. Most swing sets have your choice of colors, either on the post or the “yoke” (the connectors in the corners of the posts. You may love the simplicity and look of the simple cantilever swing set or have heavy-duty needs.

              Swing Set Dimensions

              When considering purchasing a swing set, you’ll first want to know what your play area can allow. Be sure to think about the safety zones that allow plenty of space for kids to navigate around the swing set when they are not swinging or how close you can put the swing set to a fence or other border. You’ll also want to consider installing playground borders and rubber mulch to set up your safety area. Each of our product pages show the recommended safety zone around the swing set. Your swing set area dimensions will also dictate how many swings you can fit.

              Swing Set Capacity

              Once your swing set area is set, you can now determine 1) how many swings seats you want for your set, and 2) what age range will satisfy your playground needs. Obviously the more seats, the more engagement and interaction at your park, and the more fun! Also, if you anticipate adults partaking, be sure to get something heavy duty, which fits all ages. You may also want to ensure toddlers and infants are taken care of by replacing the typical swing set belt with a full bucket seat.

              ADA Accessibility

              It is important to always consider the special needs of your community, school, church, or daycare. We provide ADA compliant swing sets where you can accommodate wheelchairs and safer ADA seats like the Jennswing Swing Seat.

              Swing Set Hardware

              Be sure to check out our Swing Set Accessories to get hardware or replacement accessories.

              Thanks for your interest in learning more about the park amenities we offer! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 888.920.4628.

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