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Climbing Walls

Scale the Wall and Reach the Summit

One of the best parts of being a child is the sense of wonder and adventure you feel. WillyGoat knows how important it is to inspire this wonder in young minds, and what better way to do that than with a climbing wall! It may go against your protective instincts to let your child climb around, but we offer options that are safe for all ages! Whether you’re trying to give your toddler an alternative to climbing on your bookshelves or help your older child burn off some excess energy, WillyGoat has a variety of playground climbing walls and climbing elements to suit any play area.

Climbing Walls for Endless Fun

If you think that a normal playground set won’t be enough for your adventurous child, look no further than WillyGoat’s safe and exciting options to turn your backyard into a thrilling place to play! The options are endless, whether you want a climbing wall to come out from your pool, an indoor option with supplied safety mats, or the perfect outdoor climbing toys for any age. There are tons of ways to get your kid the active play they crave, but once they start climbing, it’s going to be a challenge to get them back inside!

The More the Merrier

Just like a playground climbing wall or a swing set, your kid will have the most fun when they get to share in their enjoyment! Even the smallest climbing walls still offer ample room for friends and siblings to get in on the fun! Whether it’s with ropes, bars, or plastic handholds, these playground climbing sets are great for any climbing preferences you may have. You’re guaranteed to turn your local park into a meeting place for the neighborhood kids, and the connections and memories your child will make will be priceless. Sharing their imagination and adventurous nature with their friends is the perfect way to get active play and socialize!

Hercules, Craggy, and Other Outdoor Climbing Toys

WillyGoat only offers the best of the best, and you’ll notice as you scan through the options that there is a climbing wall for any kind of need. There’s no wrong option, but each one differs greatly from the last. If you feel that your child needs a lot of mental stimulation for their play, definitely take a look at the Craggy climbing walls. Their similarity to mountains and trees will let your kid’s imagination run wild as they pretend to scale to the top of Mt. Everest. If your child is ready for a challenge, there are several options to give your child a chance to maneuver their way through a multitude of different handhold types. There’s no wrong choice, so we will be more than happy to help you find that perfect fit!