Single Post Swing Sets

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Single Post Swing Sets

Single Post Swing Sets Are Simple Fun

WillyGoat’s single post swing sets can be a great addition to any sized playground. If single post swing sets look simple, that’s because they are. These heavy-duty swing sets include strong, single support posts to hold a horizontal top support post for swings. We have single post swing options to support 2 or 3 swings, plus options that include a bucket seat for toddlers.

Playground Swing Sets for High Fliers

If you’re looking for a commercial swing set, our 2-swing Single Post Set makes a great option. You can connect multiple swing sets to create a collection of swings in multiples of 2. You probably remember a school playground swing set like this from your childhood. Remember how far you were going to swing? If you went just a little higher, you knew you could reach the moon.

Cantilevered T Swings Include Toddler Options

We have two cantilevered T swing options. You can create a playground that caters just to children or choose an option that also includes toddlers.

Our Heavy Duty Cantilevered T-Swing comes in 2- or 3- seat options. You can purchase our Elite Cantilever Swing Set in various configurations with 2 or 4 regular seats and 1 or 2 toddler bucket seats. The bucket seat bay is lower so that your toddler doesn’t swing as high or fast and can aim a little lower than the moon.

Safety Matters for Children of All Ages and the Young at Heart

Single-post swing sets are simple, safe, and sturdy.

You can even race to the moon alongside your kid because these sets double as adult swing sets. These simple metal swing sets have strong pipes cemented into the ground at a depth of 2 feet. The galvanized chains are heavy-duty, and each swing can support up to 200 pounds in weight. You will appreciate the cut-proof seat, so neither you nor your kid will hurt themselves when swinging in shorts.

Contact WillyGoat to help you decide which classic, single-post playset fits your needs. We also have a variety of other great playsets for your playground.