Obstacle Course Playgrounds

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Obstacle Course Playgrounds

Unleash Your Inner Ninja Warrior

With WillyGoat’s playground obstacle course options, you can build a playground that’s the very best, like no one ever was. Give kids an expansive, engaging, and built to challenge course that allows them to feel adventurous while also keeping them active. With course elements that provide opportunities for kids to work on their upper-body strength, balance, and creative maneuvering, you may very well have the next ninja warrior get their start at your playground!

Playground Obstacle Course Components

One of the coolest things about our obstacle courses is that we have so many options for you to pick the course that’s right for your park. Do you want to focus on helping kids build their upper body strength, like a professional ninja obstacle course would? Our obstacle courses have features like different types of monkey bars that build strength and balance, parallel bars, lots of overhead net climber variants, gymnastic rings, and uneven bars. Some of our courses have rock wall climbers and fireman pole play structure elements for accessing other challenges in the course, and some have pebble bridge and rope bridge pathways to connect between platforms and challenge elements. Parallel bars, swinging rings, uneven bars, and balance beam components add a gymnastic element to kids’ play, promoting balance and coordination. Some of our obstacle course sets include rock wall features and slides, for added fun that makes staying active feel like pure fun!

Play Structure Outdoor Obstacle Course For Kids

After you’ve decided what components you want to include, take a look at our Playground Equipment course sets that have been curated to be high-activity, athletic fun for all kids. These courses are designed to be hubs of obstacles that can be used by many kids at once, either as they all focus on different obstacles or as they travel the course. These obstacle courses also work well with a lot of the stand-alone climbing elements that WillyGoat offers, and they are a fun way to add alternate activity to a playground fitness installation in your park. Whether you’re using a pre-designed course, building your own based on our jungle gym and play structure offerings, or combining them in a unique way, let us help you bring activity and adventure to your playground!