Outdoor Workout Equipment

Muscle Beach Who?

When you’re picking out your commercial park equipment, one of the coolest things that you can include is outdoor exercise equipment! Outdoor gym equipment fancies up any park, and WillyGoat has playground fitness equipment that will help keep the whole family active! 

Outdoor fitness equipment is great for bodyweight workout regimens and a fun way to break the tedium of a run around the trail.

You don’t have to go to Muscle Beach to get a full-body workout. Building outdoor fitness parks with outdoor fitness park equipment is a surefire way to encourage activity while giving your constituents the absolute best. 

Be the go-to outdoor gym for people asking, “Where’s an exercise park near me?” and get ready for everyone to have a blast as they also stay fit and healthy.

Basic Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Whether you’re thinking about building a huge outdoor fitness complex or just having a small but solid dedicated set of outdoor workout stations, take a look at our individual station installations. 

For classic training stationary installations, we have an outdoor pull-up station, sets of monkey bars, a push-up bar for elevated push-ups, and a tricep dip station. We also have outdoor fitness equipment for adults and kids of every fitness level where they can do stretches and use calisthenics equipment safely.

Outdoor gym equipment like gymnastics bars can serve a ton of different functions in stretching and training. Outdoor ellipticals and other cardio options are great kids outdoor fitness equipment, as well as great fresh-air exercise equipment for seniors.

Take It to the Playground, Fitness Wise

Fitness equipment can be for all ages. Keep your community active and start them young with playground fitness as a featured component.

Keeping kids active and doing so in a fun way is a cool way to plan your park. Promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage physical activity with an obstacle course playground with a lot of fitness climbers, monkey bars, and other strength-building elements.

Create dedicated challenge zones with kids' park fitness equipment like bench stations and pull-up bars for young fitness enthusiasts. Give the kids an even more challenging workout with climbing challenges.

Obstacle course designs are also great for the kids at heart. Monkey bars and swing rings are a great way to cross train your upper body, and it’s good exercise for all ages!

Amp Up the Fun with These Essentials

Make your park the ultimate destination for fitness and fun by adding a variety of exciting and engaging equipment that appeals to all ages and fitness levels.

Pull-Up Stations

Ideal for building upper body strength, these stations are a staple of any fitness park. Our pull-up bars offer multiple grip positions for varied workouts and challenges.

Monkey Bars

Perfect for improving coordination and upper body strength, these bars add a fun and challenging element. Our monkey bars - horizontal ladder are built tough and engaging for all ages.

Push-Up Bars

Designed for elevated push-ups, these bars enhance core and upper body strength. Our push-up and dip station combines both exercises in one compact unit, making it a versatile addition.

Tricep Dip Stations

Perfect for targeting the triceps, these stations offer a great way to round out an upper-body workout. The tricep dip station provides a sturdy and stable platform for effective tricep exercises.

Elliptical Machines

For a cardio workout that’s easy on the joints, our elliptical trainer offers a smooth, low-impact exercise option suitable for all fitness levels.

Leg Press Machines

Boost lower body strength with our leg press, designed to provide a comprehensive workout for the legs and glutes.

Chest Press Machines

The chest press is great for targeting the chest, shoulders, and triceps, offering a complete upper-body workout in a single station.

Obstacle Course Playgrounds

Create engaging spaces with fitness climbers, monkey bars, and strength-building elements to encourage physical activity in children. It’s a playground and a workout all in one!

Challenge Zones

Dedicated areas with kid-friendly fitness equipment like bench stations and pull-up bars can foster a love for fitness in young enthusiasts. Perfect for budding athletes and adventurous kids.

Climbing Challenges

Offer more demanding workouts with climbing walls and ropes, ideal for adventurous kids and those looking to build strength and endurance. 

Whether your focus is outdoor exercise equipment for the elderly, assembling the most activity-inducing school playground equipment, or just giving your neighborhood the outdoor gym it needs, let WillyGoat help you with the best outdoor fitness equipment for adults and kids!