Wooden Swing Sets

Climb On In and Slide On Down

One of the best things about growing up are the endless opportunities for play, and WillyGoat knows how important play is to young minds and bodies. One of the best ways to facilitate that play is with backyard wooden swing sets and kids clubhouse playsets! Whether your focus is swings, swing set accessories, younger options like a toddler slide or baby swing seat, or even a playset without swings, we’re committed to having the best backyard playset ideas to encourage growth, play, and all forms of imaginative backyard discovery. Give our swing set kit options a gander so that you can get your backyard ready for all sorts of fun!

Wooden Swing Sets to Amaze and Delight

As you’re looking at DIY swing set and backyard swing sets and other ideas for a playset kids will love, look no further: WillyGoat has curated the best, most exciting, and of course safest options for installing a fun backyard playhouse that your kids will love. Wooden playsets are high-quality options with the best-grade swing set brackets and wooden frames, built to last through play and weather for years of fun. And they’re definitely not one-size-fits-all, either! As you look through our KidKraft, Gorilla, and Shooting Star Designs and KidWise swing sets, you’ll see that we have so many options for all kinds of play. Whether you’re looking for swing and slide options, wood swingset accessories like climbing components or cute decorations, different swing seat options like a trapeze swing or tire swing, or even for a toddler swing, there are so many ways to make sure that your kids are getting the active play that they need and love.

With or Without Swings, A Kids Clubhouse for the Ages

Of course, even with all of the awesome swing set slide and swing set hardware options available to you, sometimes the most exciting part of the swing set is the imagination it invokes! As you pick out the kids playhouse of dreams, take a look at all of the interactive play options and playset accessories that each swing set kit has to offer. Even on the most active sets, you’ll find, in addition to a climbing wall and rope ladder and monkey bars and so much more, great pretend-play options like telescopes and steering wheels to augment their active play, outdoor play kitchen sets and barbecues, tic tac toe games and chalkboard sets, or even a sandbox area—as you’re deciding which set is best for your kiddos, factor all of these in so that their wooden swing set or outdoor play set experience is well-rounded and wonderful! Our wooden swing sets come with a variety of features including wave slides, tube slides, covered slides, fort addons, climbing walls, climbing ropes, a variety of swing options and addons and much more.

Gorilla Playsets, KidWise, and KidKraft Swing Set Choices

As you’re filtering through our wooden playsets, you’ll notice that we have the best of the best on offer. You really can’t go wrong, but each choice is different! Especially take a look at a Gorilla playset if you’re going to be catering to a large number of kids who are ready for a lot of adventure and even a challenge, since they have not just swings for kids but hugely active components like bridges, monkey bars, climbing nets, multiple lookout turrets, and up to three slides. Not to say that our KidKraft swing set choices are for the faint of heart, though: depending on the model, they also include climbing elements and trapeze swings and lots of fun active options. A KidKraft swing set is a good choice for swapping in an outdoor baby swing until your kids get a little bigger, and a KidKraft playhouse comes with a lot of room to grow up with your kids. Don’t forget about the famous KidKraft kitchen options that you can find in their playhouses! You really can’t go wrong with our swings for kids, so let us help you find the perfect fit!

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