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Tire Swings

Spin, Swing, and Fly Through The Air!

Tire swings remain a timeless component of kids' playgrounds. At WillyGoat, we offer you a wide selection of great playground equipment, including heavy-duty tire swings and accessories like tire swing seats, tire swing swivels, and lots more. You’ll also find plastic tire swings that are extra safe and durable. By placing a tire swing in your school playground, backyard, or park, you offer the little ones an exciting opportunity to fly through the air and feel the thrill of weightlessness. Of course, the children’s wellbeing is at the forefront as well: solid construction and durable hardware make each child’s tire swinging experience even safer.

Tire Swings to Make Happy Memories

We believe children deserve to grow up having tons of fun and tire swings are a great way to do this. Our tire swings include commercial tire swings and tree swings, uniquely designed for safe enjoyment, and feature comfortable seats for endless spinning. Kids will love our tire swings, and the memories of endless fun will last a lifetime.

Enjoy Summer Backyard Fun with Heavy Duty Tire Swing

Tire swings are a fantastic idea for backyard fun during summer. Kids love to twirl and swing on tires hanging from tree branches joyfully. They also push each other to go as high as possible. WillyGoat offers a new generation of tire swings that are safer, cleaner, and more reliable. Our heavy-duty tire swing won't pool water or have rubber coming off on clothes, and the plastic tire swing won't become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Our tree swing and tire swings remain one of the best ways to have fun with kids during summer and throughout every other season, too.

Great Choices of Playground Tire Swings & Equipment

Our collection of durable tire swings offers a variety of choices and colors. We also carry a large selection of tire swing hardware, swivels, swing saucers, tire eye bolts, and lots more. Our saucer swing is weather resistant, highly durable, and can handle extreme climate conditions, including snow and rain.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new tire swing for a playground or want to repurpose an old tire into a timeless swing, WillyGoat has great choices of playground tire swing and equipment. Plus, you can find hardware to make your tire swing easier to install, so the kids can start having fun, faster.