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Musical Elements

A-One, Two, Three, Four!

Building the best park for children and families means putting a lot of thought into developmental play, and one of the best ways to help kids grow is by incorporating as many senses and types of learning into play as possible. What better way to implement this at your park than by incorporating playground musical elements? Beyond noisemakers and games, playground music features helps spur creativity in kids and is a great way to create collaborative elements in playgrounds for kids of all ages and their parents and caregivers. Outdoor musical instruments might just be the interactive tune-up that your park playground needs!

Playground Musical Instruments: Music to Your Ears

Whether you’re wanting to outfit a percussion play section in your playground or add some sculptural pieces with hidden musical talents to your park, WillyGoat has plenty of musical playground equipment options for you and the people you serve! Many outdoor musical instruments built for parks or playgrounds resemble xylophones, marimbas, or glockenspiels, but we also have playground drums, chimes, and all sorts of whimsically shaped musical instruments for toddlers on up, for the young and the young at heart. Playground musical elements are also super inclusive options to make your playground accessible to kids of all abilities as well as ages!

Freenotes Harmony Park - Musical Playground Equipment

WillyGoat’s beautiful and fun playground musical instruments are made by Freenotes Harmony Park, who specialize in making instruments that are perfect in acoustics and aesthetics: their outdoor musical instruments are built to last through family concerts and explorative, imaginative play. They offer different varieties of bells and chimes, xylophones and marimbas, drums and cymbals and glockenspiels: any type of accessible, fun percussion is certainly something they make to the highest degree of excellence, and we are proud to help you choose which of their instruments is right for your space.

Whimsical, Sculptural, Vegetable: Themed Playground Music

As you pick which interactive musical elements are right for your park, we have suggested collections that might help you get started. If you’re outfitting primarily for younger kids, our Playground Equipment brand instruments, starter collection set, or musical butterflies are a great place to start exploring. If you want your instruments to blend in with the whimsy of a themed park or to match your natural botanical settings, the botanical collection is a must-see. The premium and sculptural collections have instruments that also serve as statement-making art installations, and on the other hand, the Weenotes collection is perfect for smaller spaces and little hands. Playground musical instruments are a great way to bring creativity to life for kids at your playground and park by tapping into all five senses and letting the music loose!