Bipod Swing Sets

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Bipod Swing Sets

Bipod Swing Sets

The bipod swing set is a childhood staple for most people Who can forget the free-flying sensation of swings lifting them towards the sky; gravity disappearing for a frozen instant, then rushing back to graze the wood chips.

Commercial Grade Swing Sets

Our commercial-grade swing collection offers a range from two all the way to six swings for multiple kids and their parents to enjoy. These bipod swing sets provide squeak-free hours of fun thanks to the self-lubricating swing hangers. The comfortable seats are cut-proof, allowing for extended swinging time.

Built to last, these heavy-duty swing sets can withstand extreme cold, wet showers, and harsh environments for up to two years, and five years or more in an optimal environment. The only thing that lasts longer than a solid, commercial-grade swing set are the memories kids create! All sets, standard and ADA come in a wide variety of fun colors.

Playground Swing Set

Bipod playground swing sets can be placed in dirt, grass, or on concrete. However, the placement will play a part in the overall weight capacity of the swings. The seats themselves have a 200-pound capacity.

There are also ADA versions, with two bays to provide a more accessible swinging experience for all children. These will allow every member of the community, including wheelchair users, to play and enjoy the freedom of swinging on a high-quality swing set. There is also an option available for one molded plastic JennSwing seat with chains.

The 10, 8, or 6-foot high swing sets are designed for children up to the age of 12. Each is built with safety in mind, meeting both ASTM and CPSC product quality standards. You can choose the right style and fit for either commercial or residential locations.

Adult Swing Sets

These metal swing sets aren’t just for kids. There are options available with a weight capacity of 400 pounds. That means they’re able to support even the most grown-up of grown-ups thanks to the strong galvanized steel pipes. Adult-friendly bipod swing sets also feature enough clearance to swing unhindered, starting at eight feet and topping ten feet in height.