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Greenhouse Kits

DIY Backyard Greenhouse Kits

There are many green thumbs that see winter as a scourge of their hobby. Instead of getting mad at the cold, get even! These easy to assemble greenhouses are perfect for small yards and for those looking to grow year-round. Unlike raised gardens, greenhouses protect your plants from the elements, allowing you to grow whatever you want in any season! Whether you need a small, simple set up, or a large, Victorian greenhouse, we have the greenhouse kits that will be a perfect match! Take your time browsing and find the greenhouse kit that is the best fit for your gardening needs!

Greenhouse Kits with All Accessories Included

Building a DIY greenhouse on your own can be challenging if you aren't familiar with the exact greenhouse accessories needed. Luckily for you, our greenhouse kits come fully stocked! From building plans to greenhouse curtains to basic materials, our kits come fully equipped to create a completed, usable greenhouse. All you need to have are the proper tools and you'll be good to go! If you are not only new to maintaining a greenhouse but also construction, we have several greenhouse kits that provide ample space for gardening without complicated architectural design. You can have your greenhouse as basic or as complex as you'd like. For more advanced builders, we offer several Victorian and Orangerie style greenhouse kits.

Basic Greenhouse Kits to Luxury Victorian and Orangerie Styles

Our greenhouse kit offerings span from budget-friendly, basic designs to large, luxury greenhouses in ornate styles. You'll find Victorian greenhouses, Orangerie greenhouses, royal Victorian greenhouses, and even EOS royal antique Victorian greenhouse that are sure to be eye-catching and perfect for serious experienced gardeners. A royal Victorian greenhouse might be intimidating for some, so consider the junior Victorian greenhouse to see if the style and size might be a good fit. If you aren't ready to invest in an ornate design, don't worry! Our small greenhouse kits are perfect for beginner gardeners or those that want a budget-friendly, basic design. There's no wrong style of a greenhouse to build, just get the one that best fits your gardening needs!

Greenhouse Curtains and Seed Trays Available for Separate Purchase

Have you started on a greenhouse already and just need some spare parts? Maybe you already bought one of our kits, but the time has come to replace important components! No need to buy an all-new greenhouse, we sell parts and accessories separately, too! You'll find greenhouse curtains, greenhouse seed trays, and a wide array of other separate accessories to make your greenhouse exactly as you want. If you plan on buying a complete greenhouse kit, buying extra accessories is a good way to make sure that unexpected damage won't expose your plants to the outside elements.