Playground Fitness


Hercules VII Climber

$5,839.96 $6,823.00


    Chain Ring Challenge Ladder

    From $1,289.88 $1,468.00


      Ring Climber Challenge

      From $1,212.08 $1,382.00


        S Horizontal Ladder Challenge

        From $1,101.56 $1,252.00


          Swing Bars Challenge

          From $1,072.48 $1,207.00


            Stall Bar Fence Challenge

            From $656.12 $742.00


              Vault Bar Challenge

              From $368.28 $403.00


                Camo Climber Challenge Fitness Course Section

                $5,538.88 $6,327.00

                • Camo
                • Multi-Color

                Hercules VI Climber

                $4,655.52 $5,429.00


                  Hercules V Climber

                  $3,711.20 $4,326.00


                    Hercules III Climber

                    From $3,518.56 $3,901.00


                      Hercules IV Climber

                      $3,165.92 $3,877.00


                        Hercules II Climber

                        From $2,020.48 $2,078.00

                          Pull Slide Challenge

                          From $945.07


                            Boarding Net Challenge Climber

                            From $784.36 $895.00


                              Sit Up Station Challenge

                              From $674.84 $769.00


                                Triple Horizontal Bar Fitness Course Section

                                From $494.16 $545.00

                                • Galvanized
                                • Painted

                                Pole Climb Challenge

                                From $472.44 $506.00

                                  Curved Balance Beam - 7.5 Foot Long


                                  • Red
                                  • Blue
                                  • Green
                                  • Brown
                                  Outdoor Exercise Equipment for Parks & Playgrounds

                                  Outdoor fitness has become increasingly popular in parks, schools, churches, and community areas and provides a great way for adults to get active. Workout stations like pull-up bars, chin-up bars, horizontal ladders, parallel bars, balance beams, dip stations, chest and leg presses and other exercise stations can change the way your community works out. Children, teens and adults of all ages can pull, push, climb and jump into a more active lifestyle. Each piece of outdoor gym equipment offers challenging physical activity throughout all muscle groups resulting in better living and healthier lifestyles.

                                  Durability & Safety of Outdoor Fitness Stations

                                  All our outdoor workout stations and exercise equipment are safe, durable and able to withstand years of abuse from the weather and repeated use. Children, teens and adults can reap the rewards of a more active lifestyle through more physical activity. Our outdoor fitness stations are specifically designed for use in parks and playgrounds and will provide fun fitness activities for years to come in your community.

                                  Benefits of Fitness in the park

                                  Playground and Park fitness is more engaging when others are involved. Having a social setting with outdoor workout equipment can promote trying something new in a relaxed setting. Outdoor gyms can also aid in functional training, which can increase mobility and range of motion. Park fitness equipment includes stations for aerobic exercise, muscle fitness, balance & flexibility and core strengthening. Having a park or community outdoor fitness gym can not only increase the duration of a workout session but also the likelihood that one will repeat the behavior. Change the way your community stays active and promote better lifestyles for people of all ages. Outdoor fitness equipment can also aid in combating childhood obesity and help promote physical activity.

                                  Popular Playground & Outdoor Fitness Equipment

                                  Thanks for your interest in learning more about the outdoor workout and fitness equipment we offer! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 888.920.4628.

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