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Gaga Ball Pits

You've likely heard about GaGa Ball from your elementary or middle school child, but maybe you're not quite sure what it is.. Check it out!

What is GaGa ball?

GaGa ball is a fast-paced playground game that is played in a large pit, or court, and with 1 or more balls. It requires agility, coordination, and even use of practical geometry in motion. GaGa ball is a great game for all kids, not just the larger children. In fact, smaller children may have an advantage. A truly added bonus is that playing GaGa ball will also tire your kids out!

What Do you Need to Play GaGa Ball?

Good question, easy answer. You'll need a boundary border that is sturdy and hard as well as a typical rubber playground kick ball you can find at any local sporting goods store.

GaGa Ball Rules

The goal of GaGa Ball is to be the last player left in the pit. Typically children play individually, but you may also see kids team up and the last team with a player remaining wins. Players can strike the ball with their hands (open palm and fingers), bouncing it across the ground or off the pit walls. All striking should use an underhand motion. The object of the game is to hit the ball with your hands while trying to eliminate other players. Most children on the defense will run and jump around the pit to avoid being hit by the ball while others may go on the offensive and target others with their underhanded strikes. Players are eliminated when they are hit by the ball below their knee or waist. Eliminated players must leave the pit until the round or game is over. The last player remaining in the game wins. Play stops if a ball is hit out of the pit.

GaGa Pit Dimensions

The play area or "pit" is generally a circular perimeter made of a hard material that is 2-4 feet in height. With a hard material, the ball can bounce more easily off of the wall. At WillyGoat, we sell GaGa Ball Pits that come in 15, 20, and 26 foot diameters. The larger the pit, the more children can play at the same time.

GaGa on the Go?

For schools and daycares without the space to devote to a permanent installation or would like to play indoors, you'll want to check out the portable GaGa pit we sell in the 20 foot diameter. It is designed for easier transport and setup, with fold-able yet sturdy panels.

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