Playground Spring Riders

Giddy-Up and Go Play!

Playground spring riders and bouncy horse play stations are fixtures of a classic playground—they’re a great way for little ones to get a lot of balance practice, but they’re also great fun and an awesome element to enhance pretend play. Here at WillyGoat, we’ve gone the extra mile to provide not just the basic forms of these classic playground elements but lots of fun variety to meet your park’s needs! Whether you’re looking for school playground equipment or gearing up your park playground equipment with those special extra features, a spring ride on toy is a great addition, and we offer so many choices that you’re sure to find the perfect fit! WillyGoat also has mounting kits, some portable mounts, and replacement spring rider boot hardware to ensure that your playground horse and other spring toys last and endure for many years of play.

Bouncy Horse and Animal Riders

A really fun way for kids to pretend to ride into battle, or just to make themselves dizzy with fun, is by hopping on spring horses—but even though horses are most associated with the classic playground game, the fun doesn’t stop there! Now, a playground spring horse can just be part of the animal playground, the plastic menagerie, as there are lots of other spring riders in the likenesses of bugs like grasshoppers and bumblebees, pandas, and even dinosaur spring riders! You can tap into the variety or offer up a whole herd of different styles of bouncing pony rider and riding horse toy setups. Playground toys don’t have to be basic, either: as you explore, you’ll see that WillyGoat has playground spring riders in lots of fun colors and silly, exciting designs that kids will love to play on and ride. Spring horses and other spring animal rockers are a fun element to add to your park or playground, so take a look at what we have in our stables!

Larger Capacity Playground Spring Rider

If a bouncing horse isn’t your speed but you still want to look at playground toys in a similar vein, WillyGoat also has lots of spring rider playground equipment that leans into more vehicular design. Single-rider spring toys can take the shape of a motorcycle, race car, or bulldozer spring rider (a “fundozer”!), but the multi-person spring rider options here are really cool, too. Kids can load up in a two-seater motorcycle or race car, or they can get in a spring-powered Jeep or fire truck and race off on an adventure or rescue! These multi spring riders rest on up to four springs and offer a little more balance in exchange for lots of kids being able to use them for collaborative play, giving a great space for them to use their imaginations.

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