Bicycle Racks


Contemporary Loop Bicycle Rack

From $233.01 $282.00


    Hitch Post Bicycle Rack

    From $202.52 $243.00


      Horizons Bicycle Rack

      From $453.83 $554.00


        Solstice Bicycle Rack

        From $300.12 $363.00


          Flare Bicycle Rack

          From $267.18 $323.00


            Inverted Bicycle Rack

            From $642.93 $774.00


              Hanger Bicycle Rack

              From $473.34 $579.00


                Double Entry Bicycle Rack

                From $362.64 $417.00

                  Park It and Stay for a While

                  Whether you need them for your park, school, neighborhood, or other bike-friendly zone, our commercial bike racks are great options for outfitting your space! If you get a lot of bike traffic, providing bike parking enables visitors and guests to enjoy your park worry-free while their bikes are safely locked nearby. As more and more people start riding their bikes to work, on campus, and for pleasure, make sure that you are ready to accommodate them.

                  Loop and Wave Bike Racks

                  Loop bike racks and other architectural bicycle rack designs offer safe parking solutions without sacrificing style. Used frequently in community spaces like parks and also on college campuses, WillyGoat’s wave bike rack options allow you to choose your color finish (built to endure weather and scratches alike) while also choosing between surface and in-ground mount options and customizing length based on the amount of bike traffic you expect to see. Ground-installed bike racks like loop bike racks, wave bike racks, or other architectural options like our hitch post bike rack, inverted bike rack, and hanger bike rack allow you to choose designs and capacities that meet your needs without compromising on the safety of a securely installed bike rack.

                  Traditional Grid Bike Rack

                  If you’re going to cater to a higher volume of cyclists, a grid bicycle rack may just be for you! With a variety of options that can house from 4 to 36 bikes, these traditional bike racks are great storage and parking options for schools or other high-volume venues. Grid bike racks are free-standing bike rack options, meaning that you have a lot more options on where you place them, and they do not have to be installed permanently to be used. This makes them a great temporary option for parking bikes, like for limited events or festivals, but also means that you can place them on the ground without needing to mount them in-ground or onto pavement, although many of our grid racks have anchor points that can be more permanently installed. These bike racks offer you both flexibility and capacity without neglecting security and are made of top-quality materials to endure elements and usage.

                  Bike Rack Dimensions and Installation

                  As you determine which bike rack option meets your needs best, our experts are here to help with the specifics. Whether you want help figuring out how many racks can comfortably (and aesthetically) fit into your allotted space, or whether you need help determining what style of bike rack will better accommodate the amount of bike traffic that you see, we are here and ready to help outfit your park in the absolute best way for you. Individual dimensions and installation instructions are available on each product page, and will come with your order, but we are ready and able to assist as you work to envision what that means for setting up bike parking space on your campus.

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