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Made in the USA of sturdy plastic, Action Play Systems (or APS) distributes their products out of the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area. APS excels in a few of the primary items you'll need for your playground, namely the plastic borders, fun hoop game, GaGa ball, and playground mats. If you need something that will last you years for your playground, you've come to the right manufacturer.

The Leader in Playground Edging Borders

Though Action Play Systems makes a handful of useful products for the playground, they are really the go-to for playground borders. APS playground borders are made of durable and high-quality polyethylene material. They are formed through the blow-molded process, which produces a hollow, light-weight border that can be easily handled upon installation while still maintaining durability for many years.

These playground borders will last for years and withstand any amount of wear and tear. Installation is simple, with substantial ground spikes that hammer into the ground to hold your playground borders in place. We've found that most relatively handy folks can install these borders themselves to contain your playground surface materials. Be sure to check out what we sell there as well!

Protect your Playground with Playground Mats

APS playground mats (or APS playground flooring) are made of heavy duty, extremely tough rubber. They are perfect for protecting your playground surfacing under swings and at the bottom of slides, and they are very weather resistant. These playground mats come in a standard black and hang tough under your playground equipment. They are not light weight! One of these mats weighs over 110 pounds!

Make your Playground Accessible

Wheelchair ramps are an important addition to playgrounds, as they allow children in wheelchairs to access the playground just like any other child. Action Play Systems offers wheelchair ramps that are perfect for any playground. If you're looking to make your playground accessible to everyone, you'll find that that APS borders will work seamlessly with their ramps.

APS wheelchair ramps are made of durable polyethylene and are resistant to weathering, so they will last for years. They are available in a full ramp and half ramp, depending upon the surfacing and entry point of your playground.

These wheelchair ramps are easy to install and can be used by any child in a wheelchair. They provide a safe and easy way for children with disabilities to enjoy the playground just like any other child.

Going gaga for GaGa Ball?

Gaga ball pits are a great way to add excitement and fun to any playground. These pits are perfect for daycares, churches, schools, and playgrounds of all sizes.

The APS GaGa ball pits are made of durable and weather-resistant materials that will last for years. The GaGa pit comes in three sizes, depending up on how many children you want playing at the same time. In addition to the standard, heavier pit, APS has recently created a portable option.

These GaGa pits are easy to install and can be used by children of all ages. They provide a safe and exciting way for children to have fun at the playground.

The Timeless Classic of Funnel Ball

You know the game: toss the ball into the hoop and wait to see who gets the next change to throw. Funnel ball is a timeless playground classic that is perfect for any playground or park. APS has created a Triple Shoot with three openings and sits atop a standard galvanized post.

This game is great for all ages and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Action Play Systems manufactures a high-quality funnel ball game that is perfect for any playground. This game is made of heavy duty HDPE and is weather-resistant, so it will last for many years. It is easy to install and can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

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