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Outdoor Playground Equipment

Are you looking to build the perfect park? WillyGoat is here to provide you with options of every shape, size, and facet! Whether you’re building a small neighborhood playground, outfitting a larger park, or shopping for playground equipment for your school, WillyGoat has you covered. We’re here to help make your dream playspace a reality for kids of all ages and abilities.

Outdoor Play Equipment Ideas and Solutions

Depending on your and your kids’ wishlist, the ideal playground will look different - and it might even be unique! Traditional playground setups might include swing sets, climbing elements, playhouse structures, playground games or slides — and who doesn’t love a good teeter-totter? But the fun doesn’t have to stop there.

With WillyGoat, you can also find spin rides like merry-go-rounds and teacup spinners, which add elements of developmental exercise while upping the fun quotient. With our bouncing spring riders, kids can ride off on imaginative adventures and engage in great balance-focused play at the same time. And if kids are hoping for an even greater sense of challenge, we can help you pick the right obstacle course components that will keep them active and engaged.

Our aim is to help you in outfitting your entire park, and we also provide seating solutions and park accessories. Our park benches, commercial picnic tables, and shade structures all provide the perfect setting, whether you’re taking some time to rest or gathering with friends and family. If your park setup also includes a pool or water features, take a peek at our waterpark section to choose from our commercial water slides. Furry friends are sure to be included too; we have plenty of dog park equipment to make sure that every member of the family gets to enjoy the benefits of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Playsets for Schools

Play is an important part of the day for students at school, too, and your school playground equipment should reflect that. While considering your playground design, think about implementing some interactive play, musical elements, a GaGa Pit , or playground games, which are all a big hit with school-aged kids.

If you’re looking for preschool playground equipment, we’ve also got a great array of choices. Incorporating a trike track or pedal path can make sure that kids have a place to ride and race, and our imagination-based outdoor playsets give them plenty of opportunities for inspiration as they play with their friends! Miniature slides and seesaws are sure to get them exploring their space and flexing their muscles.

If you’re outfitting your elementary school playground, you’ll probably want plenty of active options to keep high-energy kids engaged and excited — playground climbers like monkey bars, a geo-dome climber, or a climbing cargo net can all be great options here. If your school holds physical education outside using your playground facilities, you can also find playground fitness equipment and exercise stations. Outdoor exercise elements are a great way to make staying healthy fun for kids, and ensure that their day at school provides them with a well-rounded experience.

Outdoor Playsets and Interactive Play Equipment

A huge part of play, especially for younger children, is its role in development — while they have fun, kids are also learning everything from coordination to teamwork. Making sure that your playground equipment provides the opportunity for different types of growth will make all the difference for both children and parents who come to play at your park. A good park keeps kids active, but a really great park can provide creative and developmental engagement along with physical benefits.

Our interactive playground elements help keep play mentally engaging and collaborative for kids of all ages. Adding elements like playground game installations and musical instruments to your park can create a whole new level of fun. For some great options, check out our Freenotes Harmony Park playground drums and xylophones.

One of WillyGoat’s more unique offerings for play equipment is the Snug Play system, which combines traditional playground equipment with soft-play building elements. Kids can build their own play structures with their friends and classmates, reinforcing problem-solving skills, spatial and engineering skills, communication, and so much more — all while having the opportunity to be incredibly creative and imaginatively immersed.

Outdoor Play Equipment for Parks, Schools, Churches, Communities, Neighborhoods, and Daycares

Whatever a child’s age, the playground can be an important part of childhood development. WillyGoat carries a variety of playgrounds for all ages, from toddlers and preschoolers through elementary and middle school kids, providing fun, exciting and engaging activities for boys and girls. We can provide complete play systems for children of all ages, including infants (6-24 months), toddlers (2-5 years) and school-aged children (5-12 years).

We also carry park amenities and park fitness equipment to inspire healthy communities. We carry everything from full playground sets, swing sets, climbers and climbing activities, monkey bars, jungle gyms, gaga ball pits, crawl tunnels, spring riders, merry-go-rounds, sandboxes, see-saws, slides and rides, park musical elements, interactive play equipment, and water slides.

Outdoor Playground Equipment and Playground Structures

At WillyGoat, we know that playgrounds are more than just kids playing outside. The right playground equipment encourages healthy activity, teamwork, and learning. WillyGoat is proud to carry some of the most trusted brands offering the best playground equipment that will stand up to the wear and tear of even the toughest weather, and can be enjoyed for years to come.

There are many options at a variety of price points, helping you to find the playground that fits the needs of your kids and your budget. Get started browsing our variety of playground equipment, play sets, playground structures, monkey bars, seesaws, spring riders, climbers, and swing sets today!