Eco Friendly Playground Equipment

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Eco Friendly Playground Equipment

With all of the plastics, paints, and other materials that go into producing playground equipment, there is certainly an environmental impact that can be considered. Add to it that some equipment ships from overseas and then across America by truck, and the overall footprint of a playground from start to finish can be sizable. The BigToys play system is a beautiful line of playground equipment that can address those concerns.

This eco-friendly brand gives you all of the slides, climbing nets, tunnels, and play elements, all while leading the entire industry in recycled material and averaging more than 70% reclaimed content in every BigToys play system. Decks and roofs are made of 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) formed from milk jugs! Tons of milk jugs are reclaimed in the production -- in fact over 18 million milk jugs have been claimed since 2005!

The wood posts have a natural, organic look and feel and come in a beefy 6" diameter, finger-jointed uprights. Posts utilize more of the tree with less waste and are coated with an EPA approved wood preservative to protect against termites & fungal decay with no arsenates.

The recycled metal and plastic posts are a heavy duty, durable 6" diameter. Their unique powder coat texture keeps surfaces cooler to the touch. Internal connectors offer a clean design and provide maximum strength and support. With 100% post-consumer recycled plastic decks, roofs, and enclosures and Internal reinforcement for maximum strength and to eliminate sagging, these systems also have textured decks that meet ADA requirements.