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Freenotes Harmony Park

Harmony Park

Have a big open space for a park and aren't sure how to fill it out? Our Freenotes Harmony Park can take an empty field and turn it into an engaging, exciting venue for children of all ages. With bright aesthetics and interactive equipment, installing a Freenotes Harmony Park can become a local highlight! The equipment to Freenotes Harmony Park can be bought in bundles or individual pieces. That way, you can make sure that you don't have too much equipment for a small space or not enough equipment for a larger park. You'll have exactly the kind of equipment you need to make the exact kind of engaging, unique park you're looking for!

Interactive Playground Equipment

You'll find all sorts of equipment that can be played with in a Freenotes Harmony Park. The botanical collection creates music, the outdoor xylophones and glockenspiels create beautiful melodies, and the pagoda bells and park cymbals create loud, fun sound that kids will love. If you want to have a music park, then Freenotes Harmony Park is exactly what you're looking for. Interactive equipment is the kind of park tools that draw in kids and families. Almost every park has a slide, swings, or a basketball court, but very few have engaging activities that are a unique experience from what they have at home or school. Our harmony equipment creates an amazing experience that most kids don't get to experience elsewhere.

A Sensory Experience

Our interactive equipment is more than just fun toys for kids. It's sensory playground equipment that engages children on a level beyond simple play. Many kids may not have regular access to the kinds of musical tools that you'll find in this park, which can open the door for many to grow a love for creating music. You'll find that a normal park can be transformed into a musical park or melody park with just a few pieces of equipment. At the very least, children will be engaged by more senses than just sight and touch. The equipment truly creates a unique experience that children will be drawn to time and time again. The more unique the experience is, the more drawn children will be to it!

Instruments of All Kinds

You'll find all kinds of instruments at Freenotes Park. We offer several kinds of xylophones, harps, bells, and drums to create a truly unique musical experience. Our instruments are designed to be durable, and they're easily able to withstand harsh weather and harsh play. Feel free to let kids play with the equipment without needing to worry about breaking fragile pieces. Your music playground will be durable and long lasting! For park instruments that require additional pieces, like xylophones and playground chimes, sticks are securely fastened to the body of the instrument. Without special cutting equipment, like bolt cutters, you can rest assured that the sticks needed to play the installed equipment will remain securely fastened to their intended instrument.