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Monkey Bars & Jungle Gyms

Monkey Bars and Jungle Gyms

The number of activities someone can perform on a set of monkey bars, to say nothing of an entire jungle gym, is nearly endless. Regardless of age or ability, everyone can find something fun to do on monkey bars. And, with a little bit of creativity, they can find yet another fun activity.

Here, we go through a few different uses of the outdoor climbing toys that have been a staple of playgrounds for generations. It’s not for nothing they’ve never gone away!

Choosing A Playground Climber

All monkey bars are fun, but the right one for your playground depends on many factors. Metal monkey bars are sturdy and will last through a lot, but in some climates, wood is all you need. Of course, it’s also important to consider the ages of the children (or adults) using the playground—monkey bars that are too tall are no good for children but may work in a fitness gym.

You could also go with something a little bit more unconventional with a dome climber or ring climber. Playground equipment comes in all shapes and sizes.

Designing A Climbing Challenge

Outdoor climbing toys can become obstacle courses if everyone agrees they are. Inventing a climbing challenge can bring a little competition to the playground. Here’s an idea: the horizontal ladder can be the start, then across some climbing rings, over the climbing dome, and finally, a sprint to the finish. Too easy? The other way around might not be.

Building A Fitness Playground

Monkey bars and jungle gyms also provide many opportunities for adult fitness. The obvious and fundamental exercise every fitness fanatic performs using monkey bars is the humble pull-up. The addition of extra features to a jungle gym can take a workout up another notch. Adding a rope climber brings the potential for many exercises that improve upper body strength while giving yourself a ladder challenge will motivate you to work on leg strength.

The Best Monkey Bars?

We can’t really answer this question because, as you’ve seen, it’s not just about the monkey bars; it’s also about what you do on them. If you have specific ideas about what you want to do, it’s possible to put together a perfect set to support them. For some, just a simple, classic frame with rungs will do. For those with sophisticated ideas, just monkey bars won’t be enough—sometimes an entire jungle gym is needed.