Playground Climbing Equipment

Any and Every Kind of Climbing Playground Equipment

Playground climbers are a great way for kids to exercise and burn energy, hone their motor skills and build strength, and foster collaborative, imaginative group play—all at the same time!

Whether your park needs a nature-themed or animal-themed playground climber to fit into the theme of a fanciful park or you want to provide classic monkey bars for kids to swing across, our commercial jungle gym options span from playground tunnels and playground pebble bridge courses to geo dome climbers,playground obstacle courses and even kids climbing walls.

Whether you’re looking for classic climbing structures that you grew up playing on, are looking for climbers and slides to create a course for kids to follow within your playground, or are finding park climbing elements that look straight out of nature itself, helping you build the perfect and most engaging playground with fun and safe playground climbers equipment is our mission!

Top Branded Climbing Structures!

Take a look at our Ultra Play Systems, Playground Equipment, and SportsPlay playground climbers, which offer complete sets or individual elements depending on your playground outfitting needs. WillyGoat has all of the essential elements to build the perfect climbing playset: from complete obstacle course sets that include slides and more to individualized playground tunnel features, pebble bridges, or balance beams, there are countless ways to create the right playground for your kids.

The Classics: Jungle Gyms and Monkey Bars

Providing the kids who use your park playground with commercial monkey bars and jungle gym climbers gives them the opportunity to have fun while challenging themselves to develop strength and skills! Whether they’re conquering the rung ladder or jungle gym dome climber or they’re fancying themselves the next ninja warrior athlete, monkey bars and jungle gyms give kids lots of avenues for both collaborative and competitive, healthy play. Kids monkey bars and jungle gyms also come in lots of shapes, sizes and types: climbing domes are great stand-alone structures, and monkey bars of all types (like inclined bar sets, climbing arches, or sets that have wheels instead of traditional rungs) can be worked into courses or used on their own.

Scramble Up and Playground Climbing Net

Another great way to allow kids to explore and exercise through active climbing play is to put in a climbing cargo net or playground boarding net. Whether you want to give them cargo climbing net installations that stand alone or obstacle challenges that incorporate kid-friendly ropes course elements, climbing nets are great ways to keep kids active on the playground! Our different playground net climbers options also include pieces that are made of either durable rope or galvanized or coated metal, so they’re up to the wear and tear of active children so they can continue to play safely.

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