Playmore Design for Music Enthusiasts

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Playmore Design for Music Enthusiasts

Play and Learn with Playmore Design Eco-Friendly Toys

Furnish your facility's playgrounds or classrooms with Playmore Design's collection of eco-friendly musical instruments and other entertainment options for children. Encourage young minds to unleash their creativity, explore new sounds, and express themselves through music, providing them with an outlet that they can utilize throughout their lives.

Add Playmore Design to Your Facility

Whether your facility’s play area is indoors or outdoors, the Playmore Design eco-musical instruments are ideal for any location or setting. Encourage children and even adults to express themselves through music with Playmore Design’s colorful and quality-engineered musical toys and instruments.

Playmore Design Corp. offers wind chimes, percussion sets, eco guiro sets, drum tables, and much more to take a standard play area and make it something amazing. The musical instruments from Playmore Design are conveniently weatherproof, easy to clean and sanitize, and made from 95% post-consumer recycled plastic. Your organization will enjoy the features that make the instruments easy to care for, with minimal maintenance required.

Musical play is extremely beneficial to a child’s development; it improves motor skills, develops language skills, and improves self-esteem. Playmore Design strives to serve children of all ages and abilities and to inspire music in every child. The Playmore Design eco-friendly recycled plastics allow schools, churches, and other facilities to provide safe and sustainable instruments for children to enjoy.