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Toddler Play Equipment

Toddler Play Equipment for Your Dream Playground

How big can you dream? You will want to click through every page of our toddler play equipment to see all options WillyGoat has. You can let a child help you pick, or you can access your inner child to make the most fantastic indoor or outdoor playground.

Toddler Playgrounds Improve Motor Skills

WillyGoat stocks multi-level toddler playgrounds in a variety of colors and themes. We have indoor and outdoor equipment that comes in bright colors or can blend into a natural background.

You will want classics like toddler slides, climbing slopes, and playground games like tic-tac-toe. Playgrounds with shelters, windows, and tunnels allow kids to use their imaginations in pretend play.

See Saws, Teeter-Totters, and Bouncers, Oh My!

Your playground needs a toddler seesaw or teeter-totter. We have spring-bound as well as portable teeter-totters. If you want to give personality to your playground, you can choose from bouncers that look like buses and other vehicles. We also stock spring riders and animal bouncers, including everything from dinosaurs to bumblebees.

Toddlers Love To Spin

You don’t see as many toddler spinners as you used to, but these are the toys that inspire memories. WillyGoats has many safe options, including classic toddler merry-go-rounds, spinning teacups, and an infinity toddler cycle with a circle of toddler bikes.

Toddlers Use Their Imaginations Inside Playhouses, Tunnels, and Corrals

Playhouses let kids’ imaginations run wild. We have playhouses that look like regular houses or hollow treehouses. They’re even more fun with slides. Toddler tunnels are innovative ways to connect parts of the playground and are fun places to hang out. We have various styles and themes of play tunnels for toddlers.

Another option that’s convenient for you are indoor and outdoor corrals. They include interactive toys to keep kids busy and corralled.

Unique Items Set Your Toddler Playground Apart

Kids love unique items. You might consider an outdoor chalkboard, a kitchen island, or a game like Octo Toss. Some playground chalkboards and toddler playground games might require that you provide additional items like chalk or bean bags.

Climb-on vehicles and jungle gyms are super fun and provide great exercise. You can usually find multiple kids using these in pretend play. Your toddler climbers can climb on turtles and domes or play in everything from trains to rescue trucks.

Steppers help connect your playground and help improve toddler balance. We have steppers that look like turtles and tree stumps.

WillyGoats carries a variety of unique pieces of playground equipment for toddlers. Let your imagination run wild, or contact us for suggestions.