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So, What are UltraPlay Systems?

From playground equipment to doggie obstacle courses, designing a place for kids, dogs, and adults to enjoy can be challenging, even for experienced professionals. Playground maker UltraPlay is here to save the day (or at least make the workday a little bit shorter by providing ready-to-install playground equipment). UltraPlay systems include playground equipment, dog park equipment, and additional outdoor equipment needed to create parks, playgrounds, daycare centers, and other non-residential play areas. As a trusted playground manufacturer, UltraPlay equipment meets all commercial ATSM performance standards and CPSC guidelines about equipment safety. Easy to install, UltraPlay playground equipment requires very little maintenance as this equipment is strong enough to withstand most adverse weather conditions (and the most rambunctious kids!).

Designing the Best Playground/Bark Park using UltraPlay Systems

To design a playground or dog park, consider space availability, types of playground and park equipment needed, cost of equipment/supplies/repair and maintenance, needs of the community, staff needed to maintain the park or playground, and initial set up costs. Also, don't forget to include unique elements such as decorative nature rocks, and play boulders for climbing. Include snug play equipment for little kids to provide safe playground equipment for little ones not quite old enough for slides, jungle gyms, and swings.

Park Equipment Essentials (It’s Just Not a Park without Them)

From park picnic tables to park trash containers, choosing the right park equipment, and the number of pieces to accommodate many people requires a lot of planning. Determine the number of park tables and park benches needed by estimating how many people will show up each day. Get an accurate estimate by using existing data about other parks in the area of the same size. In addition to UltraSite benches and park tables, it's important to include additional equipment like park grills, Dero bicycle racks, and dog equipment like leash posts, crawl tunnels, and ring jumps to create a fun environment for everyone, including four-legged friends. Pay attention to small details such as placing a park trash can at the entrance or exit to the park to help reduce littering. Place benches outside restrooms and play areas so that adults have somewhere to sit while their kids or dogs play — it's these little things that can turn a good park into a great park that people will want to visit often with their kids; or their dogs.

Playground Components to Create a Fun Public Space

A playground is the heart of any park or outdoor community area. When designing a playground space, keep kids in mind to create a safe, fun space where it's easy to climb, run, jump, and play. Whether designing a discovery playground or a harmony park, it's best to include a large piece of playground equipment that can accommodate many kids at one time.