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Virtual Playgrounds

Amazing New Experience - Virtually Try Before you Buy

Announcing a new way to browse and experience playgrounds before you buy!

At WillyGoat, we are always looking for new ways to improve your playground equipment buying experience. One of the most difficult parts of the process is wrapping your mind around the size and scope of a particular playground. Well, we're taking some important steps to bridge that gap!

From All Angles

We have created 3D images so that you can imagine them in your park. Zoom, pan, spin, and put yourself right up next to the equipment! You can zoom down a slide, climb up ladders, and fly over the entire play system from the comfort of your phone or computer.

Augmented Reality Too!

In addition to spinning it around in place, you've got to check out this new feature. From most smartphones or tablets, you can use your phone to actually view the play system in the location where you're imagining it. From your smartphone, click "View in your space" and watch as the playground loads right in front of your eye in your park. Walk around it, check out everything the children in your community will enjoy, and get a sense of the scale of the play system you're considering.

A Few Notes...

This is a new technology, and we are very excited about it, but it isn't perfect. You may find that the playground isn't finding the ground surface correctly at first, but we recommend trying it out a few times until your phone recognizes the right surface. Also, you may notice imperfections on some surfaces or the scale may not be precise to the inch. This new feature is only intended to give you a sense of the scale and scope of the equipment, not a complete and exact indication of the actual product.