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There’s nothing like hopping into the water to beat the heat. With a commercial grade water slide, you can do it safely in style while going fast. We provide a wide selection of commercial water slides that are sure to become the main event & attract more visitors to your business. WillyGoat has you covered for the waterslide of you and your community’s dreams. Each slide is equipped with a unique make-up designed for spaces of all different shapes & sizes. We also offer installation for our water slides. Call today to learn more!

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Made in USA
Lake Tahoe Commercial Water SlideLake Tahoe Water Slide

Lake Tahoe Water Slide

Sale Price$37,500.00
Made in USA
Lake Pontchartrain Commercial Water SlideLake Pontchartrain Water Slide

Lake Pontchartrain Water Slide

Sale Price$31,900.00
Made in USA
Commercial Water Slide 110 | WillyGoat Playground & Park EquipmentCommercial Water Slide 110 | WillyGoat Playground & Park Equipment

Missouri River Water Slide

Sale Price$33,500.00
Made in USA
Lake Victoria Commercial Water SlideLake Victoria Water Slide

Lake Victoria Water Slide

Sale Price$53,900.00
Made in USA
Lake Erie Commercial Water SlideLake Erie Water Slide

Lake Erie Water Slide

Sale Price$39,000.00
Made in USA
Commercial Water Slide 108Yukon River Water Slide

Yukon River Water Slide

Sale Price$23,800.00
Made in USA
Commercial Water Slide 403 | Water slide for apartmentsThe Mediterranean Sea Water Slide

The Mediterranean Sea Water Slide

Sale Price$70,200.00
Made in USA
Commercial Water Slide 209 | Water slide for clubsLake Huron Water Slide

Lake Huron Water Slide

Sale Price$52,000.00
Made in USA
Mississippi River Commercial Water Slide Mississippi River Commercial Water Slide

Mississippi River Water Slide

Sale Price$33,800.00
Made in USA
Rio Grande River Water SlideCommercial Water Slide 105 | WillyGoat Playground & Park Equipment

Rio Grande River Water Slide

Sale Price$29,000.00
Made in USA
Commercial Water Slide 104 | WillyGoat Playground & Park EquipmentColorado River Water Slide

Colorado River Water Slide

Sale Price$19,200.00
Made in USA
Themed Custom Commercial Water Slides | WillyGoat Playground & Park EquipmentThemed Custom Commercial Water Slides | WillyGoat Playground & Park Equipment

WillyGoat Commercial Water Slide Collection

The Ocean Series

These are our largest slides, coming with the most and longest flumes. Up to 4 people can race down the Pacific Ocean slide. These large water slides for sale on WillyGoat bring fun to any pool.

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Large Water Slide for Pool
Big Water Slide for Pool

The Sea Series

Smaller than the great oceans of the world but still stunning in size, our sea series water slides prove slightly less in size and price than the premium ocean series water slides. There’s no better example than the Caribbean Sea, standing nearly 23 feet tall with two huge slides.

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The Lake Series

The Lake Series is great for those slightly more limited in space but still looking for a slide that can potentially accommodate multiple people at once. Named after America’s largest lake, The Lake Superior boasts two fast and fun slides.

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Pool Water Slide
Pool Water Slide

The River Series

The River Series gets you the most bang for your buck. This is not a discount product, just high quality packed to fit a tighter space on a tighter budget. The Missouri River water slide is the perfect example, still achieving the double flumes and a twisting ride.

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Custom & Themed Water Slides

Have a special project or a site looking for the right water slide? Let us know if you’re looking for something with a theme, a custom length, or even a slide that rests on a hill heading into your lake’s swimming area.

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Customized and Themed Water Slide


Is your pool ready for installation?

The water slides must be installed on a concrete deck around the pool. The minimum water depth is 3'6" with a recommended depth at the slide exit point of 4 feet. You are responsible for running water to the slide, but our installation crew will take it from there. Contact us if you have questions about your pool. Also, to learn more about commercial installation guidelines, visit our Terms of Service page.


How will the products arrive? Who will receive and take inventory?

Freight is an estimate of these slides the exact freight quote will be quoted to you by our customer service. They arrive on a dedicated truck designed to carry your slide over the road. Get started with a quote today to learn more. To learn more about our shipping policy, please visit our shipping policy page.


What kind of warranty & maintenance can I expect?

Our Slides carry a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty. All of the slides are built to require minimal maintenance but regular cleaning and inspections are important to ensure safety and the maximum lifespan of the slide. Follow the simple maintenance schedule included with the slide. For more information regarding commercial water slide warranties, see the bottom of your selected water slide description.

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On top of all the benefits of choosing WillyGoat as your commercial water slide provider, we also offer custom colors for your slides, as well as a few options that can be completely customized. Get started today by clicking to our wide array of water slides that are guaranteed to provide the most fun in the sun.

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Looking for Something Else?

WillyGoat is happy to help you find exactly the right playground equipment, park equipment, shade structure, climbing element, water slide or playground game. If you're looking for something in particular, just give a call and we'll do our best to help find what you're looking for.