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Are you looking for something fresh to energize your community swimming space? Water slides, whether small or large, can be a great way to add some excitement to your pool. Kids will have seemingly endless fun racing to the top only to slide down again, and even adults love the rush that comes from shooting speedily down body slides. At WillyGoat, we aim to help you find the right water slide to fit your pool and keep your customers having fun.

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With slides ranging from 10 feet in length to almost 100 feet, we have the perfect range to suit community pools, lakes, and small waterparks, providing the right product to set your swimming space apart and help you attract riders of all ages.

All WillyGoat water slides come included with support equipment and climbing platforms to go along with your slide, while electrical hardware and water supply is the responsibility of the buyer. Most of our slides require between 10 and 20 gallons of water supply per minute.

High Quality Water Park Slide Construction and Materials

In addition, all of our water slides are designed with both safety and fun in mind. Our durable materials and thoughtful construction, such as aircraft-grade aluminum, foam-padded metal siding and netted enclosures, all help to ensure that riders avoid injury. All slides are tube-style body slides, and are made for a single rider per tube. WillyGoat water slides are also designed with sunny days in mind, with UV-resistant roofs and resin tubes. Our attention to quality allows you to feel good about your investment, since you can be certain to avoid costly maintenance problems and malfunctions. We are proud to sell water slides that are made in the USA.

Explore our full selection of water slides. Sort by height, number of slides, or price, or check out our different series of water slides! We have four series of slides available: the Ocean Series, the Sea Series, the Lake Series, and the River Series.

The Ocean Series

The largest water slides in our collection, the Ocean Series is sure to wow. With the greatest number of speed slides (up to four people can race down the Pacific Ocean model at once) and the longest flumes, they make for maximum fun. These large water park slides from WillyGoat are certain to bring good times to any pool.

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The Sea Series

Smaller than the great oceans of the world, but still stunning in size, our Sea Series of water slides is sure to please even the most daring of swimmers. While slightly smaller and lower in cost than the premium Ocean Series, they don’t sacrifice on excitement. There’s no better example than the Caribbean Sea, which stands at nearly 23 feet tall and comes with two twisting speed slides.

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The Lake Series

The Lake Series water slides provide the perfect selection for pools that may be a bit more limited in space but are still looking for a slide that can accommodate multiple body slides at once. Named after America’s largest lake, our Lake Superior model boasts two fast and fun slides.

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The River Series

Our River Series water slides will get you the most bang for your buck. Despite their lower price range, these slides aren’t discounted. They’re high-quality products designed to fit a tighter space and a tighter budget. The Missouri River water slide is the perfect example, packing double flumes and a twisting ride while still being the ideal size for a smaller pool.

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Custom & Themed Water Slides

Have a special project or a site looking for the right water slide? At WillyGoat, we can also design a custom water slide that’s unique to your swimming space. Let us know if you’re looking for a specific theme or a custom length. We can even create a slide supported by a nearby hill that leads into your pool’s swimming area. Sample themes include designs like pirate ships, trains, or sea creature slides. If you’re not set on a design yet, that’s fine too. We love to work with individual pools and create something one-of-a-kind! Installation quotes vary, and are available upon request.

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All water slides purchased from WillyGoat must be installed using a concrete deck surrounding the pool. The size of the deck will depend on the area required for your slide. The minimum water depth for slide installation is 3'6", and we recommended that the depth at the slide’s exit point be at least 4 feet. You are responsible for running water and electrical hookups to your slide, but our installation crew will handle the rest! Official WillyGoat installation is recommended in order to get the best results and maximum guarantee of safety for your slide. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about your pool. To learn more about our installation guidelines, visit our Terms of Service page.


Listed equipment weights are estimates based on sample slide layouts. Our customer service team can provide specific shipping cost quotes and lead times upon request. Our water slides are shipped by professionals, using a dedicated truck designed to carry your slide safely and securely. Get started with a quote today to learn more. To learn more about our general shipping policy, please visit our shipping policy page.


All of our slides carry a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. All WillyGoat slides are built to require minimal maintenance upkeep, but regular cleaning and inspections are important to ensure safety and to achieve the maximum lifespan of the slide. For ideal performance, simply follow the maintenance schedule included with your slide. For more information regarding our water slide warranties, along with our return and refund policies, see the bottom of your selected water slide description.

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On top of all the benefits of choosing WillyGoat as your water slide provider, we also offer up to twelve select colors for decks and flumes, along with several other customizable options. Get started today by choosing one of our wide array of water slides and exploring the variations. All are guaranteed to provide you with the most fun in the sun.

Water Slides By Number of Slides

  • 1 Slide: Even with only one slide, there’s a lot of variation available! Choose from options like the 77-foot Mediterranean slide, or the double-spiral Baltic Sea slide. Our one-slide options are also great if you're on a budget, providing lots of fun rides at a relatively low cost.

  • 2 Slides: Two slides means twice the fun. Our two-slide options allow you to double your number of riders, and let swimmers see who can race to the bottom fastest. Choose from a variety of heights and styles, and even customize your intertwining slide colors.

  • 3 Slides: Some of our three-slide options offer the most variation, with differing heights and designs. combined in each model. Just take a look at the Atlantic water slide with its triple spiral, or the many twisting curves of the Indian Ocean slide.

  • 4 Slides: If you’re looking to go all-out with your pool’s water slide, a 4-flume model will certainly do the trick. Our Pacific Ocean water slide is like getting several models in one, providing swimmers with a choice of spirals, twists and turns, or a smooth, easy ride to the bottom. There’s sure to be something for everyone.

WillyGoat Customer Service

WillyGoat is a reputable supplier of park equipment and playgrounds, offering a diverse and high-quality selection of products.

In addition to our wide range of products, WillyGoat is known for our top-tier customer service. We are always happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have, and we have online representatives available on our chat feature as well as a comprehensive customer service line. 

We are aware that there are many specifics you'll want to cover when making a large-scale purchase like one of our water slides. Contact us right away, and we'll help you find the best water slide for your needs while providing details on everything from installation to cost.