Footer Options, Depending on the product

When it comes to shade structures, there are a few options for mounting. Which one you choose generally depends upon your installation area and surface/soil.

Common footer types we offer:

Uncommon footer types we can quote upon request:

  • Surface Mount is mounted and bolted directly to a solid drilled pier. This approach can also be used for very large existing concrete pads, but the anchor bolts and plates that are required for existing slabs would be built to design by a local structural engineer to be provided by the customer. You can contact us if you'd like to start the conversation to attach a shade to an existing slab.
  • Spread Footers are used when there is an issue with the depth or soil in the installation area. The shade posts is not a long as with other mounts and requires more concrete and labor to install. It isn't very common, but you can contact us for a quote if needed.

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