Yearly maintenance is not required, but every 3-5 years you will want to seal coat it. Different environments require different levels of maintenance.
The standard lead time with installations is 2 - 3 weeks.
EPDM Granules come in a variety of colors. Black, Eggshell, Brown, Yellow, Dark Purple, Red, Teal, Light Blue, Grey, Beige, Cocoa, Gold, Light Purple, Green, Blue, Orange
Installation warranty is 1 year
Pour-In-Place surfacing is made of high quality EPDM rubber granules and polyurethane binder.
You are able to install Pour-In-Place indoors.
The manufacturers we use are Rubber Design, MidWest Elastomers, Spartan
There are three types of borders you can choose from, beveled, rolled, or natural.
Under the poured rubber surface there is a stone sub-base consisting of crusher run
Under the poured rubber surface there is a stone sub-base consisting of crusher run
Your Pour-In-Place thickness will be determined by the critical fall height of the play structures you have. Please review our critical fall height chart.
We are currently offering one color of your choice consisting of a 50/50 mix with black. The Pour In Place surfacing will be poured to accommodate your space.
Pour-In-Place is not easily torn, and is a very durable surfacing option.
No, there can be curbing added if desired.
We do a 50/50 mixture with the color of your choice and black to prevent fading, and maximize longevity.
The square footage of the site you would like covered in Pour-In-Place, critical fall height, and the current surface of the site.
We do not offer any kits to patch Pour-In-Place, but the surface is able to be patched.
It can be done, but depending on the equipment would require the PIP to be cut, equipment installed, then patch the cut area.

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