Classification Discovery

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This solid hardwood Classification Learning Center consists of a 5 compartment sorting box with 10 category wood tiles and 100 wood object tiles to sort by class. The child can start with one or two categories and work up to sorting 5 categories at a time. Answers are easily checked by removing sorted tiles from each compartment and comparing them to the category guide card. An additional, unlimited number of object tiles can easily be made by using cut-outs of objects from newspapers, magazines, coloring books, etc.

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  • This is not mere sorting, but a way to teach a child how to classify objects by category ? the beginning of conceptual thinking
  • The child will learn about classes and why individual objects fall within certain classes
  • Concept formation is the basis of abstract thinking and is an essential thinking skill that should be developed as early as possible
Age Range 4 to 6 years old
Equipment Weight 6 lb
Installed Dimensions 18 in x 4 in x 5 in

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