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Playground Fun for Everyone

The playground is so much more than kids playing outside. The right playground equipment or play system encourages healthy activity, teamwork, & fun! There are many options at many prices, & it’s important to find the playground system that fits the needs of your children. We're sure we have the play system to fit your needs!

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Types of Playgrounds

Playground Parallel Bars & Climbing Equipment

Playground Fitness & Climbing

A variety of Playground Climbing Equipment, climbing walls, monkey bars, chain ladders, hanging challenges and other activities that will keep kids active and having fun. These essential parts of your play space can motivate children and provide challenges for kids of all ages.

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Obstacle Course Playgrounds

Kids can channel their inner ninja warrior, scale across mountain faces, twist through caves, or scramble up climbing walls. Exercising and imagination go hand-in-hand. Climb, jump, pull or push your way to a more healthy lifestyle with these fun playgrounds and play systems!

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Kids Playing on Park Playground Equipment
Kids Playing on Large School Playground with Rubber Mulch

Sustainably Made Playgrounds

Outfit your park with a beautiful playground while maintaining your sustainability priorities. These systems are made from recycled and natural materials, lowering the overall impact of the play system on the environment.

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Quick Ship Playgrounds

Some classic playgrounds are kept in stock and can be delivered on the tighter timeline, if required.

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Toddler Discovery Playground Set at a Daycare


Your children will have fun in a safe place & meet all regulatory standards.

Regardless of the features, price, or other points, you want to be sure the playground is a safe place for all to have a good time. It is also important to know the maximum fall height of your playground so that you can spread the proper amount of ground coverage if a child does fall. We provide all specs and features on the product page so that you can understand the safety features of each play system.


With any large capital projects, you want to make sure the product will last.

You are investing good money into a playsystem -- they aren’t cheap -- so you want to make sure that it lasts. Each playground we sell comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and is made with high quality materials. When looking at a playsystem, check below for this warranty information.


How will the products arrive? Who will receive & take inventory?

Lead times are generally estimated until an item ships. It’s generally suggested that you have a forklift to unload, but we have had many customers take their system off the truck by hand. You may want to request an inventory of the items that are shipping so that you can be prepared to receive and count those items. For those seeking more in depth information on our shipping procedures, be sure to check out our shipping page


Is your play area ready for installation (flat & grassy)?

WillyGoat is happy to quote Installation for your project and provide a licensed and insured contractor to take care of your installation. You can easily add your installation request to your quote. On each product page, you’ll also be able to choose what type of mounting systems that are available, whether inground, surface mounted, or ground spike.


Be sure you get the appropriate playsystem given ages, capabilities, preferences & more!

We’ve attempted to boil it down our filters to the most important features and options: Age Range, ADA Compliance, Size, Number of Slides, Lead Times, Capacity, and Price are a few things to take into consideration. You’ll want to consider the sunrise and sunset angles as well, depending upon what time of day your children will be at play.


Does the playsystem you want fit in your space?

Be sure to take into consideration the total "Safety Zone" when it comes to configuring your playground. That gives plenty of room for children to safely run around the play system and avoid possible collisions. In our play system page. We have filters for capacity and maximum distances (length or width) to make sure your system does fit your play area.

Children Playing on School Playground

Looking for Something Else?

WillyGoat is happy to help you find exactly the right playground equipment, park equipment, shade structure, climbing element, water slide or playground game. If you're looking for something in particular, just give a call and we'll do our best to help find what you're looking for.

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