Elementary School in Georgia

"Our school is greatly enjoying the Ann Arbor playset! The WillyGoat customer service team provided great support. Communication was excellent and my stress of meeting a Federal Programs expenditure timeline was eased by the assurance of receiving the products and installation in a timely manner.
We look forward to doing business with your company in the future."

Elementary School in Georgia- Jeremy H.

Elevate Elementary Playtime

Choosing the right playground for an elementary school is crucial to ensuring that kids have a safe and enjoyable space for play. The Ann Arbor Playground emerges as an excellent choice, offering a plethora of activities that engage and delight children of all ages.

Climbing Adventures

Designed for maximum fun, the Ann Arbor play system features three distinct slides strategically placed throughout the structure, minimizing wait times and maximizing excitement. As children enter, they are greeted by a variety of vertical climbers, including the Transfer Station, Pea Pod Climber, Disk Climber, and the straightforward Vertical Ladder – providing diverse climbing challenges for all.

Connecting Adventures

Traversing from one part of the play structure to another is an adventure in itself, thanks to the engaging Curved Tube Bridge that connects the upper areas. This adds an extra layer of thrill to the play experience, making every journey across the structure a memorable one.

Interactive Features

Beyond climbing and sliding, the Ann Arbor Playground offers a range of interactive features to keep kids entertained. From the Single Drum and Bongos to the Ship's Wheel and Gear Panel, these small yet essential elements contribute to a well-rounded play experience.

For elementary schools seeking a playground that combines safety, excitement, and diverse activities, the Ann Arbor Playground stands out as an ideal choice. This thoughtfully designed play system ensures that kids have a blast while engaging in imaginative and active play.

Ann Arbour Playground

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