Updating a Rooftop Playground in New York

"Finding WillyGoat was one of the best things we did this year! The quality and value of the playground is amazing, and our kids love it. The process of working together was smooth and we always got answers to our questions. We ended up needing a part replaced and a couple of little scratches during shipping, however they sent a replacement part and touch up paint - which was perfect. We are very happy!"

- Katie S.

Transforming a New York Rooftop with the Grand Cove Playground

In the dynamic landscape of New York City, where rooftops provide unique opportunities for creative makeovers, envision a space tailored to captivate the imagination of young minds. Let's delve into the exciting process of converting a New York rooftop into a haven for children, featuring the Grand Cove Playground—a versatile play system designed for imaginative exploration.

The Grand Cove Playground

The Grand Cove Playground brings the essence of excitement to the urban setting. Boasting two thrilling slides—the Wave Slide and Right Turn Slide—positioned on either side of the structure, kids can partake in exhilarating races to the ground. Dynamic climbers, such as the Pea Pod Climber and Bench Panel, enhance the play experience, offering diverse opportunities for physical activity and social interaction.

Interactive Elements for Engaging Play

Beyond the slides and climbers, the Grand Cove Playground incorporates an array of interactive elements. The Gear Panel stimulates curiosity and cognitive development, fostering a sense of exploration. The versatile Bench Panel encourages collaboration, providing a communal space for children to gather and engage in imaginative play. The combination of these elements ensures a well-rounded and stimulating play environment.

A Splash of Color and Quick-Ship Options

The Grand Cove Playground not only excels in providing an adventure-packed play experience but also serves as a visual delight. With a broad spectrum of color options, it allows for seamless integration with the rooftop's aesthetic. Quick-ship color palettes in natural and primary hues expedite the installation process, ensuring a swift transformation of the rooftop into a vibrant oasis for children.

Considerations for Lead Times and Installation

While the Grand Cove Playground guarantees an exceptional play experience, it's crucial to note that quick-ship options are not applicable for surface mounting equipment and custom colors. Prospective rooftop designers are encouraged to check lead times for the most accurate estimates, ensuring a smooth and timely installation process.

Transforming a New York rooftop into a kids' paradise is a dream brought to life with the Grand Cove Playground. From the thrill of the slides to the interactive elements that foster engagement, this adaptable play system enriches public or private spaces, bringing children and families together in a harmonious blend of creativity and play. As the rooftop transforms into an adventure hub, the Grand Cove Playground stands as a testament to the transformative power of imaginative play in the heart of the city.


Grand Cove Playground

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