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Growing up, we knew siblings that would visit a playground that was about 4 blocks from their residence. Their favorite equipment were the swings, the obstacle courses, and, of course, playing with the many dogs in the park.

Sadly, that playground was later converted into residential apartments. A smaller playground was created elsewhere, but they said it never felt the same.

Why? It’s missing some popular playground equipment.

You see, outdoor play is all about having fun, meeting other kids, and forming long-term friendships. Investing in the playground equipment listed below can help ensure that everyone enjoys their time playing. 

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Shade Structures 

Parents want their children to leave their gadgets and play outdoors with other kids. Despite this, parents have a few rightful concerns regarding outdoor play.

Arguably, the biggest they have is safety issues.

One that parents tend to raise is sun exposure — kids enjoy playing outside, and will ignore the sun under the guise of having fun. It’s up to the parents, schools, or institutions running the playground to provide adequate shade structures. 

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Kids playing outdoors improves fitness levels and helps them enjoy their childhood. However, this might not be worth it if it affects the kids’ health.

Picture your child coming home with sunburns after spending the afternoon on the playground. Won’t that worry you?

It will, and it’s one of the reasons playgrounds are urged to prioritize shade structures

Benefits of Shade Structures 

Extended Playtime 

Playing in the sun is fun, but it can quickly become overwhelming — everyone is panting, sweating, and moving slower. 

Within a few minutes, the kids are feeling tired, uninterested in games, and will want to return to their comfortable seats indoors.

It defeats the purpose of having commercial playground equipment if no one can enjoy using it.

You can solve this problem by providing equipment shading that the children can take breaks under before cooling down and resuming play.

This means that the children will play for longer and burn off more energy — it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Extends the Life of Your Equipment Playground

Shade structures offer protection against the elements. If your area experiences heavy rainfall, hailstorms, harsh sunlight, and so on, it’ll damage the equipment.

This means that you’ll have to keep repairing or installing new equipment — a hefty cost that’s avoidable by using shade structures. Check out our selection, and hopefully you’ll find a structure that fits your playground.

With this, you can maintain your playground equipment and its good condition for years to come. 

Cost of Installing Shade Structures 

The cost is dependent on factors such as shade structure design, customization, and fabrics. You also have to include installation costs.

Shade structures can cost from as little as $2,000 to $60,000+.

The best option is to contact us and ask for a quote based on your needs.

Obstacle Courses Play Equipment 

Kids love fun challenges and competing against each other. Do you remember the thrilling sensation you felt as a kid after completing a task/challenge before your friends or siblings?

This is what obstacle courses offer — not just fun for kids, but also for adults.

It’s the thrill of completing a difficult challenge before your friends that keeps kids and adults coming back to this type of playground equipment. 

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Benefits of Obstacle Courses 

Improves Memory and Problem-Solving Skills 

Completing an outdoor obstacle course is no easy task. It requires problem-solving skills to get through the entire course, and your brain is constantly trying to figure out the best strategy to win.

As you’d expect in an obstacle course, some playground equipment is tougher to conquer. Therefore, you’ll need to figure out whether you’ll start with the toughest playground equipment and work your way to the easier play equipment or not. 

Build Resilience 

For kids under 8 years old, every moment is a learning experience. As they grow older and approach puberty, they continue developing personalities and often prefer being alone. Kids experience so many things at once and often have no outlet for their emotions.

Fortunately, being on the playground with other kids can help with this problem — with obstacle courses, they are put in challenging positions and have to complete the course. 

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They have the playground equipment set up to challenge them, just like life does. It teaches them to be more courageous and push through.

It doesn’t matter if the challenge has the toughest playground equipment — all that matters is that they conquer it.

The kids will remember and reflect on some of these challenges as they go through life. Thus, they’ll have an easier time overcoming obstacles in the future. 

Outdoor Fitness 

Have you ever completed an obstacle course? If yes, you understand what it takes to go through the playground equipment without failing.

Obstacle courses work out almost every muscle in your body — it’s a great way to introduce kids to fitness. 


How many kids will use the playground equipment? How old are the kids? Do you want the kids to improve upper body strength or balance?

These are some of the aspects you want to consider before shopping for obstacle course playground equipment.

Here at WillyGoat, our obstacle courses range from about $5,000 to $40,000

Outdoor Play Swing Sets 

Kids love swing sets, and you’ll often see this playground equipment in playgrounds all over the country. Even families that can’t visit playgrounds are choosing to install this playground equipment in their backyard.

Swing sets can be a healthy distraction as the family prepares dinner. They’re also an opportunity for kids to have fun and bond with friends, as seen from this review by Shannon Leigh Rathbun:

“We purchased a swing set from Willygoat Toys and Playgrounds. The price was very reasonable, and the quality is great. Shipping and delivery were quick, and there were no issues. It took my husband and I 5 days to complete as there were a lot of pieces. I would suggest hiring someone to put it together if possible. Our boys love it. They use it every day. I would definitely recommend this company.”

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Benefits of Swing Sets 


After a stressful day at school, kids need an escape — a place they feel like kids again, where they can let go of their worries and relax on the play equipment. Playground equipment such as swing sets can be this for them. 

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Less Screen Time 

It’s hard to convince kids to put down their electronics for outdoor play. You need a fun playground to persuade them to make the switch.

Fortunately, swing sets are loved by most kids, and so you should have an easier time convincing them to ditch their electronics. 

Better Sleep 

Instead of playing with their gadgets, your kids will be playing on this playground equipment.

By evening, your kids will be exhausted, and you can expect them to sleep like babies. 


We have swing sets for all ages, and — as stated in the review above — shipping and delivery is quick. Our swing sets range from around $600 to $3,500.

Why Do Kids Need a Playground?

According to the World Health Organization, obesity rates have more than quadrupled in the last 45 years. In the U.S alone, obesity prevalence among kids and teenagers aged 2–19 years is 18.5%.

Why are obesity rates on the rise?

First, most community playgrounds have been repurposed to be residential apartments. Second, most remaining playground equipment is in a dilapidated state, as the community gave up buying new equipment.

Of course, you can’t rule out technology and poor nutrition. But the biggest concern for most parents is the lack of enough exercise.

This is easy to solve by investing in new, popular playground equipment that kids love.

It doesn’t take much to build a playground — especially if it’s the community or schools investing in the project. If everyone chips in, we can reduce the rise in obesity rates.

All it takes is proper nutrition and investing in playground equipment that kids want to use.

If you’re unsure which playground equipment to choose, contact us and we'll guide you through the selection and planning. 

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